As a long time enthusiastic paper crafter I was thrilled when I discovered Cherish the Thought. There may be other stores with more volume but no other store with more heart. From the first time I entered the store, queried a technique, and found myself sitting down at the work table "doing it myself" I was hooked. We don't craft because it is easier or because it costs less - we craft because we love this way of expressing creativity - and no one understands this compulsion better than Jessie and the other people at Cherish the Thought. Don't compete, don't compromise, don't change. Thank you.
Judy Denham

We walked into "Cherish" and immediately felt like part of the family. Jessie was so warm and open that we felt like we belonged. We learned so much in twenty minutes of just chatting...it left us a bit dazed, but oh-so-excited to learn and explore more techniques! Cherish the Thought is amazing, and Jessie is a treasure!

Thinking about what my testimonial for Cherish would say, I had to laugh at myself for not being "creative" enough to put into words what I feel when I come to the shop. Isn't the whole point of your shop to help us find our creativity? I dropped by one day out of curiosity and was peering in the window after noticing the store hours saying the store was closed. Wrong. Sure enough Jessie was there setting up for a class and waved me in. Well, about 45 minutes later not only was I interested in being a repeat customer, I was signed up for classes and walking out with the most amazing bag full of goodies. I have found that my creativity needs inspiration. I found it in the form of a little shop with the biggest heart. I "Cherish the thought" that I can pop in and pick up a small item for my craft or sit down with a cup of tea and learn a technique I'd only imagined being able to do. Thank you from your devoted customer.
Suzy Madsen

I would like to say how much I love coming to Cherish, You girls are the best. Always willing to help on techniques, give advice and also just to come by for tea and a chat. I wouldn''t know what to do if I didn't have your place to come to. I've met such wonderful people had such great fun at the classes. It's a great meeting place. You have all been so very kind to me and I very much cherish your friendships. You are the best.

As A *insert stamp company name here* rep, most of what I do uses their product. Anything else though, comes from Cherish. So much so that regular in my technique night are starting to chorus \'from Cherish the Though\' when I say that it\'s not from my company... I think that any store that stocks so much of what I use has got to be a hit. I\'m a technique junkie too, and Jessie is able to feed my habit regularly, so it\'s easy to say that Cherish is my #1 retail store for supplies and ideas. Getting greeted by name when I walk in the door and feeling like she always has time for me is fantastic too. ***** Customer Service! ***** Selection in-store and Online ***** Overall Experience!!
Lindsay MacDonald, New Westminster

You must know by now how much I love your "little shop of love" Ever since I walked in to the store a year ago, I was made to feel so welcome, and still have the same feeling. The atmosphere is always so friendly and welcoming you just want to "hang out". You have a fantastic staff, they are an extension of you. They make everyone feel welcome and are so helpful. But, even though the staff is fantastic, it would not be the store it is, without "YOU". Your bubbly enthusiasm and personality is so great, compared to other "places" that I have gone too. I have taken numerous classes, and have enjoyed them all, the people who do your classes are such a friendly group of people...so all in all the whole experience of shopping and participating in you classes has been a lot of fun, and always look forward to coming in to the store, and hearing all you little stories, about your little sweetie pie....(didn't say cutie pie) lol. I look forward to your weekly newsletter and have learned a lot from the classes. I was a total newbie, when I first came into your store, and now I have a "mini cherish the thought" in my house. And if I can ever help in anyway you know you only have to ask.
April S.

Cherish the Thought feels like coming home ... it really does. Where else can you see old friends, make new ones and share a relaxing, affordable, enjoyable hobby? Great projects, fun products, superb demos and awesome staff add to the experience and somehow it feels like your cropping on your best friend's dining table. A may be a new customer but Jessie and her team are now stuck with me for life. See you there!
Angela C.

Every time I come into Cherish the Thought, I'm greeted with such warmth and friendliness. I love the variety of stock and get tons of ideas while I'm shopping. Most of all, I love that everyone is so helpful!!! Thanks so much for opening up in Port Moody!!
Shirley W.

I love taking classes and shopping at Cherish the Thought. Jessie remembers who I am and what my \'weaknesses\' are. She is more than willing to show me a quick technique or give tips or \'how to\'s\'. But this past weekend I was also privy to something that is so special. I am of the age where husbands left child rearing to the wife and we thought we were \'lucky\' if our husband would \'babysit\' the children for an hour or two. Yesterday, Andrew was in the shop assisting customers, Jessie was teaching us a class and Ella was sharing her charm. The wonderful joy of watching and listening to Andrew and Ella playing together was as pleasurable as the class I was taking. His ease with her (and with the customers) was so genuine and sincere. Thank you Jessie, for sharing your talent, energy, and wisdom AND for sharing your family with us. Love is just a word, until someone comes along to give it meaning - Jessie, Andrew and Ella give love meaning.
Lynn, Burnaby

I haven't been a customer of Cherish the Thought for all that long....I only discovered them this past fall. But, I've been treated like an old friend every time I go to the store. You can find everything you need, and sometimes more than. Their classes are a treat to attend...well thought out, innovative ideas, and a smaller class size so all participants regardless of ability get personalized attention. And there's always a hot cup of tea if you need one. Jessie and her staff really are wonderful.
Sheryll M.

If you are looking for a place that has the latest and greatest techniques you've found it. Jessie and her wonderful staff have shown me so many neat techniques that I would never known how to do if it wasn't for them. There are always willing to go the extra mile to help you out whether it is ordering in a stamp that I wanted or just showing me some new ways to use some of my existing supplies. I love going to Cherish the Thought to get inspired as well as relax as it has such homey feel to it. I look forward to each visit.
Kim C.

I have been coming to Cherish for a little over a year and a half. The first time I walked in and chatted with Jessie, I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and humor and how friendly and warm she was. I spent most of that summer going there several times a week! The whole staff are awesome, I have learned so many cool techniques, and multiple ways to use things I\\\\\\\'ve bought and things i already had, I have enjoyed classes, and the Neat N Niques, and especially the cookies! 😉 Seriously, though visiting Cherish is like visiting Family... only less stressful and more fun! Keep Up the great work, you all ROCK!
Robin L., Coquitlam

Jessie always introducts me as her first customer, I am so honored to claim to be, in fact, I love this little place, and its big people, they all cherish every customer and make you want to come back and come back to this sweet cozy place. I recently enrolled to a class to learn some fun technique and Jessie is a wonderful and humorous teacher, and I enjoyed it very much, thanks to Jessie.
Edna Siu

Hi Jessie. Just thought I would comment on your "addition" of your "Man Staff" 🙂 I have not taken a class with Andrew, but have had many dealings with him. Last Saturday you were kind enough to do an "early" neat niques with me and you werer sidetracked. Andrew was kind enough to help me finish. It is not the first time Andrew has come to the "rescue" he has helped me numerous times, once when my glasses needed to be fixed. Anyways just to let you know he is such a great person to deal with. What makes me smile is he is very technical, and when he told me to tape down the piece, he said now just Sookwang it down. I had to think for a sec, then realized he was calling what I call tape the proper name. What a great addition to an already great place. And luck lady to be married to him.
April Segelke, Canada