Where did my love go…

In 2011 a fellow scrapbook store owner told me that she hadn’t scrapbooked since she closed her store… I remember thinking, “Please don’t ever let that happen to me…”

I was so passionate about crafting that even when customers told me I would burn out, I assured them, that that would never happen… and at the time I believed it.  With the entirety of my soul.

But now I find myself dreading going into my craft space.  The idea of creating a card makes my stomach churn.  And the massive amount of unused product that I stashed away for “someday”, mocks me when I least expect it.

But somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall that feeling of excitement when inspiration hits… that little idea that blossoms into something beautiful.  So I’m going back to my roots.  Back to my passion.  And see if I can reignite some of my old cherished pleasures…

The Base… An Altered “Vintage” Rolodex

First Decision… “Vintage” Black Plastic Rolodex Circa 2000 or “Vintage” Metal Rolodex Circa 1958… You would think I would automatically go for the older one… but I think I want to save that for a project I want to attempt when I’m more confident…

The Project… A Desk Calendar 

My aunt gave me this desk calendar in 2009.  It’s based on “The Secret” and every morning you are supposed to read the message, and ponder it throughout the day.  I didn’t want to rip off the pages and throw them away in case I wanted to go back and reread it… In 2009 I got to about February before I forgot to check it every day.

This past December, I found it again.  And I got to March before the pages wouldn’t stay open.

That’s when the idea of a Rolodex hit me!  It took me a few weeks to find one at the Thrift Store (and if you saw my Facebook post, I now own 4 in a variety of sizes) but now I’m ready to put my plan into action…

I’ll show you my progress in the next post… Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Where did my love go…

  1. Sharon says:

    So happy to see you posting again! I’ve learned so much from you

  2. Jessie says:

    It took 3 hours to get this up… I’m a little out of practice 😉

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