UFO’s found…finished…Fabulous!

So in the midst of trying to get my room organized, I found LOTS of UFO’s…what is a UFO you ask?  Well, it’s an Un-Finished Object!


This Vinyl Die-cut Quote was something I bought at Treasured Memories in Belleview , in …ummm…2007?  (This Treasured Memories went out of business in 2010)  The frame was purchased from…can’t recall…in 2009…maybe?

And I bought the snowflake paper from Country Lane Scrapbooking  in 2014…with EVERY intention of getting this project completed for Christmas 2014…but now it’s August 2015, and it still wasn’t finished!  Yikes!

So, now was the time!  I took a break from organizing my room, and added SookWang Tape to the inner ridge in the frame that holds the glass in place.


I inserted the Snowflake paper into the frame, making sure it was straight, ’cause once that “Sook” is stuck, it’s STUCK!  Then I removed the protective cover from the Vinyl and placed it onto the front of the glass…


After burnishing the transfer tape, to ensure that the vinyl had transferred to the glass, I gently peeled it back to finally see my “now Vintage” vinyl quote…I peeled from different sides and angles as some of my letters had trouble sticking…I guess that’s a sign I should have done his project sooner!

IMG_2405There it is, Finished & Fabulous!  And it only took about 15 minutes from start to finish!  Hmmm, what other UFO’s can I find in my Craft Room…



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  1. Dolly says:

    super cute!! TFS

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