Shhhh…don’t tell….

Okay, so by now some of you may have realized that as much as I try to be an organized person, as much as I like things “in their place”, I struggle to keep it all together…

And now I’m going to unveil my hidden “secret”….my Craft Room…


My Craft Desk…though to be honest, I haven’t used it in months, I’ve been designing on my cutting table!

I’ve been wanting to get it organized, and blog about the tips and tricks I’ve learned from all of YOU over the years, but I kept putting it off until I had “cleaned” my room enough so that it was suitable for pictures…

But honestly, this room won’t ever be suitable for pictures!  So I’m trying a new tact…embarrassment!


Design Area…Viva Decor Fabulousness and Sprays!

If I show you how bad it looks after I’ve cut kits for an 8 person class, and BEFORE I’ve put stuff away properly, then maybe it will push me into getting this “re-do my room” project finished!

When we closed the retail shop, products I “LOVED” came home with me.  Whether I had any intention of using them or not, they were stuffed haphazardly into my 9′ x 10′ spare bedroom.  (bedroom!?  there’s NO room for a bed in here!)


Ribbon! The Lace didn’t fit in the picture!

And when we had people over, THIS is the room we shoved everything into and tried to close the door (I stress the word tried…as we can’t close the door with THIS organizer hanging off it!)


Travel Organizer for Make-Up…used for punches, favorite embellishments and Tag samples…

If you look closely, you can see that I made several “attempts” at organization…but when I stumbled onto Mamie Jane’s Blog last week, I realized that my “Craft Room” did not represent my True Passions.

That my clutter was actually stifling the artist inside my head, and that I NEEDED to find her again!

After all…How did I go from THIS…

blog 001

Cherish the Thought circa 2008


Hurley Craft Room circa July 2015

Hurley Craft Room circa July 2015 Stamps. Stamps, and Stencils…

This Vintage girl NEEDS to be re-inspired, so over the next few months, my fabulously wonderful husband is going to help me get the “Hurley Studio” in order…and we will use this blog to track our progress…it could be slow going as I still have classes to design and prep for, but I promise to take pictures along  the way to hopefully inspire you to organize some of YOUR card-making stash…so please leave comments as we go along if you’ve used any of the idea’s…

Cutting Area (Guillotine covered by 12 x 12 Plastic stencils...

Cutting Area (Guillotine covered by 12 x 12 Plastic stencils…)

Here are my Goals for the Studio…

1.  Paint the walls Sage Green…my favorite colour at the moment!

2.  Replace store bought organizers with vintage inspired pieces that speak to my soul.

3.  Display my favorite projects and favorite vintage collections.

4.  Create a space that inspires me, and is still “work-in-able”…(you may have heard me lament about various magazine articles that PROMISE to get you organized, but when you look at the pictures, they have 5 sheets of paper and 4 bottles of paint, REALLY!?! WHO crafts like that? )

Cardstock, Cardstock and more ummm, unfinished projects yikes!

Cardstock, Cardstock and more ummm, unfinished projects yikes!

So, with this first part written, I’m off to my room to pack up some boxes and make some space to start moving some furniture!  Wish me luck!

Scatter Joy!


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4 Responses to Shhhh…don’t tell….

  1. Sharon says:

    Jessie, I feel your pain!! It will be great to see what evolves. Something that I bought and love is this IKEA trolley (nice green colour too) it holds a ton of stuff and if you keep your most used in there it can easily be moved around as needed. I know it is expensive but worth every penny.

  2. Sharon says:

    The cart is called Raskog in case the link doesn’t work

  3. Jessie says:

    Thanks Sharon! I’ll find a pic, and include it in this blog when I get to “that” section of my organizing…or…send me a picture of how you are using it in your craft room, and I’ll include that too if you like! This is going to be a great adventure for us all!!!

  4. Karen says:

    This is just soooo cute, and I agree it ll be perfect for a litlte boy, and I m sure, it ll fit on a lot of them. Your coloring is just awesome and the entire card looks amazing. A really wonderful job done here, that s for sure. I love it.

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