Confessions of a Scraplifter ~ Part 1

That’s me on my Great Great Grandmother’s lap.  Yup, that’s not a spell check issue, that’s my GREAT GREAT!  My mom and Grandma are standing behind us and My Great Grandma was living in Florida.

How special is it to have pictures of 5 Generations of women, all alive in Your Lifetime?  Pretty Darn Cool if you ask me!  I would say, it might even be a Scrapbooking Event for sure!  And yet, I have always said that I am not a Scrapbooker.

Huh?!?  How can I NOT be a Scrapbooker, I own a Scrapbooking Store!?  Sure I do,  but you see,  I was smart enough to hire staff who could Scrapbook.  And then I was clever enough to listen to all they had to say to customers.  And then I invested in the Best Page Kits ever (Memories Workshop, you have to check them out!).  And then I took the Greatest Class from Jennifer Edwardson (Use Your Stash) and Then…I found a passion.

Although I still describe myself as a Cardmaker (okay, okay, I describe myself as the Technique Master, but you know what I mean) Cards have become “the Business”, and my hobby isn’t as fun as it used to be.  But I have a secret…

I have been Scrapbooking!

And I have been enjoying every minute of it!  Along my journey to becoming a “SCRAPBOOKER” I have discovered a few things that I would like to share with you.  Some of it may help, and some you may disregard, but I’m hoping you’ll read something that speaks to you.

So for my first Confession…

I have a craft room that is not conducive to Crafting.  It does not provide Inspiration.  It is a mess (what’s with all those clean craft room pictures that people post online, we KNOW you spent hours throwing everything in a closet in the other room, be honest!)  This is my desk, Right Now…

Embarrassing?  YES!

True?  YES!


But I want to finish my Layouts that I started in Jennifer’s “Use Your Stash” class, so where am I working…?

On the Dining Room table of course!  And in one night, it has also become a complete mess!  (Poor Andrew, good thing he’s away for the weekend, and this will be gone by the time he comes home!…Uh, I hope…)  I have to run upstairs to my craft room to get whatever Extra’s I need…Ribbon, Punches…Really I should just clean up my space upstairs, but it’s so daunting, sigh.

So, I will use this blog to tell you about the Truths I have learned, and I will be Real about my “miss” adventures into this craft, and I hope that you might make a few “confessions” of your own…Post Pics on my facebook page of YOUR craft Space…but RIGHT NOW, not after you’ve cleaned it up.  Come on, Be Brave, this is a confession after all….

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3 Responses to Confessions of a Scraplifter ~ Part 1

  1. Elouise says:

    Actually, I have the opposite problem – because my craft room is also our school room I always keep my stuff neatly away, but I keep NOT crafting because it is tedious to get it all out and set up!

  2. Jessie says:

    Now see, we’re going to have to come up with a solution for that! A twitch of the nose, a swish of a pony tail and it all sets itself up, wouldn’t THAT be lovely!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Well as I don’t have a “scraproom” – I sometimes procrastinate and don’t scrap. But when I do it is the dining room table or a fold up table in the living room. But I find organization of my stuff is the biggest thing. If I’m disorganized I don’t scrap.

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