New Year’s Challenge – Tutorial

Okay, so the last Dreamweaver challenge of the year is to create a project with a New Year’s theme. Now I don’t officially start on the Design Team for another 4 days, but I thought I would take part, and show you guys how I made the Cherished Chum’s Christmas Card this year.

Christmas! I thought you said this was a New Year’s Challenge?!

I know, I know, but aren’t I always telling you that you don’t need to use Seasonal products for your projects? Well, now I’m proving it! We “Ring in the New Year” right? So I’m using the Dreamweaver Vertical Bells Stencil for this challenge.

Okay, so maybe I’m cheating a little, but this particular card has significant meaning to me. When I first opened Cherish the Thought, Dreamweavers was one of the first companies I brought in. And when we did our first Trade Show, I NEEDED to bring my stencils, but how can I show embossing paste without a sink nearby to clean up with? With fabulous samples, of course! So I spent a Saturday night in my lovely little shop on St John’s st, with a glass of wine in one hand and a palette knife in the other, and I created over 20 different Pasted Techniques. The next day, those images were made into cards, and 4 days after that, we were off to the Show. (It was to be the fore-runner of how I always seem to do the biggest projects at the last minute!)

2 years later, one of those samples, my favorite, was still in the store showcasing the Paste Technique, and Ella, not quite 3 yet, asked Daddy to help her make a card.  Which sample did she choose…? My bells. So, this year, the technique I HAD to do for my Cherished Chums, was using the Translucent Embossing Paste. My plan was to make 100, I think I probably made about 65, and there are still 6 to do (I promised I would mail them, but not that they would arrive before Christmas, oopsie) And although I love these cards, I don’t recommend that you make this kind of quantity at the last minute (like me), you will enjoy the process so much more if you start NOW for next years cards, ha ha. Or just make one… for New Years…

Embossing Paste Tutorial

Step 1. Lay the stencil on a white piece of cardstock and using Removeable Tape, tape all the edges down (this will protect your edges from getting inked accidentally.

Step 2. Using a dauber and your ink pad, dab colour where you would like it to be, through the stencil. Repeat for all colours.

Step 3. Clean your stencil thoroughly (Ink likes to attract the paste, and over time, your stencil will become gungy, so cleaning it between steps is very important) and re-tape it over your inked image.

Step 4. Apply the Translucent Embossing Paste liberally over the stencil with your offset spatula. I like a fairly thick layer, so that it doesn’t seep under the stencil.

Step 5. With your Offset Spatula at a 45 degree angle, scrap off the extra Embossing Paste from the stencil, leaving an even plane. Try not to go over the image more than once as the paste will start to seep under the stencil, but if you must go over it again, I like to start back at the top to prevent “lines” in my paste should I start in the middle.

This step takes some practice, but remember, you are only trying to get the top layer off, you don’t need to press hard with your spatula.  In class, I make my students take their elbows off the table to prevent too much pressure. Trust me, it’s easy.

Step 6. Remove the Stencil and wash it, and your Palette knife immediately. Once that paste dries, it’s tough to get off, but a Mr Clean Magic Eraser will work, just be gentle so you don’t bend your stencil.

Step 7. Pour a Clear Glitter over top of the wet paste, tap off the excess and wait for it to dry.

Step 8. Attach it to the front of your card!

From start to finish, this project only takes about 5 minutes (plus an hour for drying time) so it actually took me longer to write this tutorial than it did to create the image!

I hope you enjoyed this first Challenge Tutorial, stay tuned to next Thursday’s Edition…


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2 Responses to New Year’s Challenge – Tutorial

  1. Doreen Relf says:

    Great tutorial Jessie – Can’t wait for the next one. Congrats on the design team.

  2. Daria says:

    This is beautiful. I love the technique you used, and the colors are so soft and lovely.

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