Glitter Painting ~ Tradex Demo

We’ve just gotten back from the Sewing and Craft Show today at the Tradex, and I thought I would include the instructions here from today’s demo!

I ‘ve always called this technique  “Glittered Stencils”, but was recently told that it’s true name is “Glitter Painting”, so I will refer to this technique as such, so you can wander the Internet looking for more examples!

Supplies Needed
SookWang Tape
Brass Stencil
Coconut Soap
Glitter Gone Mat
Gummy Bears

Step 1

Apply a strong double sided tape to your cardstock.  I use SookWang, sometimes referred to as Scor-Tape or Be Creative Tape.  (They are all the same product, just different distributors, so don’t let the various names mix you up!)

Step 2

To keep your Brass Stencil from sticking to the SookWang (’cause you know, with this tape, once something is stuck, it is REALLY hard to get it off!)  you must apply a layer of soap to the back of the stencil.  The soap needs to be of a pure consistency, so not all commercial soaps will work and give you a streak free background.  We suggest (and sell in our online store…oopsie, I just noticed that it’s missing so I’ll getting it added asap!) a pure Coconut soap. 

Now many sites will show rubbing the dry bar of soap over the stencil, but I like to wet my finger, rub it over the soap, getting a layer on my finger, and then rubbing my finger with the “wet” soap on it over the back of the stencil.

You can now lay the stencil (soap side down) on top of the SookWang.

Step 3

If you are using a variety of colours, mask off the areas that you do not want glitter to cover, and add your glitter colours one at a time, removing your masks as you go.  I like to use Removeable tape because I can easily control the size of my “masks”, but you can use Post-It notes as well.

I like to add dimension to my images by applying a darker Glitter to the Outside edges of my images.  I apply the glitter by dipping my finger into the glitter, and rubbing it around the edges of the stencil.  This allows for a more carefree look to the shadow and gives a more realistic result.  Once the Darker Glitter is applied, the lighter can be added and it won’t stick to the area’s covered by the Dark glitter.  Continue until all areas of the stencil are covered.


Step 4

Now you can carefully remove the stencil from the SookWang.  I like to peel the Sookwang from the corners of the stencil and work my way around, this helps prevent the stencil from bending.  If you have covered the stencil evenly with Coconut Soap, the Sookwang will peel off easily.


Step 5

The area around the Glittered Image is still sticky, so completely cover this with Glitter as well.  If you have used MicroFine Glitter, be sure to Burnish the entire Image (This means to rub vigorously to bring out the sparkle)  If you have used UltraFine Glitter, then no rubbing is required!







Step 6

Clean up your work area of Glitter using the Glitter Gone Mat, it’s SO easy!

Step 7

Mat the Glittered Image and add it to your card, then treat yourself to a few Gummy Bears for all your hard work, tee hee!

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