Cherished Chat ~ December 30

Hi Everybody,

I hope you had an excellent Christmas?  We had 5 days off here, and boy did I need it!  We’re starting another new year next week, and I have to say that I’m always more than a little excited at this time of year, anxious to start a fresh with new idea’s, a clean slate, and an abundance of energy.  January does that to me, and I hope you’re all going to join me for the ride?  We have had to make a few changes around here to our schedule and our classes but I assure you that we have thought long and hard about what is best for Cherish and for my Back (tee hee) and although some changes may be disappointing, I will always make sure we keep the fun, the neat product tips, and of course the multitude of stories!  So, without further ado, let’s fill you in on what’s about to be our best year yet…

Holiday Hours
Saturday January 1st Closed
Sunday January 2nd Closed
Monday January 3rd Closed

New Hours Starting January 4th
Sunday ~ Closed
Monday ~ Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 10am to 5pm
Friday 10am – 11pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

The only changes are that we are now closed on Sundays and we close at 5pm Tuesday to Thursday (Wednesday class will still be at 6:30, more details later)

Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday January 8th Drop in between 3pm and 4:30pm for a FREE Demo
This is the change that took the most thought.  I’m afraid that we will no longer be able to offer a $2 Make-and-Take, but I love our Saturday Afternoons together, so we’ve turned the Neat ‘Nique into a Demo only. 

The good thing about this is that you won’t be waiting around for your turn as the demo will be going on straight through the afternoon.  Also, I’ll be able to show you far more intricate techniques, and will be able to answer any questions about the various products and techniques as we go.

I’m very excited about doing this demo with you, as I’m bursting at the seams to share all the neat stuff you can do with my products!  So come in and let’s play…

Daily Demo’s
These are short demo’s set up throughout the week to give you an opportunity to see what you can do with the various products.  This week we’ll focus on Tombow Markers

Tuesday ~ Blending with your Tombows
Wednesday ~ Watercolouring with your markers
Thursday ~ Recreating the Copic look for half the price
Friday ~ Adding Dimension and shading to your coloured images ~ This is considered the “Advanced” colouring technique, but it’s super easy with the right marker…

You don’t need to bring anything with you, and you can drop in at any time throughout the day, but please understand that I may need to interrupt the demo to help other customers as needed.

Ella’s Antics
I know a few of you have heard this one this week, but it’s a memory I want to keep in my Ella’s Antics scrapbook, so bear with me, tee hee

Ella saw Andrew and I frantically wrapping presents the last few days before Christmas, and she wanted to help.  She asked me for some paper and tape, and I told her she could help herself to whatever was in the “scrap wrapping paper” box (Yes, I even have a box for scrap WRAPPING Paper, sheesh, I don’t throw anything away!)

I lost track of what she was doing so was completely surprised on Christmas morning to find a series of “wrapped” presents under the tree that Ella had put there for me, daddy and of course, for her.

As we started to open them I realized that she had taken all that scrap paper, and wrapped up her toys to put under the tree.  For 2 days she went without her favorite “My Little Pony” because she had wrapped it up for Daddy to open on Christmas morning.

I think next year I’ll try that trick, wrap up her current toys and see if she notices…though, she’ll be 4 then, and she’s already too smart for me, sigh,

And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And have a wonderful New Years Eve filled with food, family and laughter

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