Cherished Chat ~ September 21st

Hi Everybody,

 I’m Ba-ack!  And I have A LOT of things to tell you!  I’ll try not to go on and on about how awesome our cruise was, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect (in fact I heard we had it better in Alaska than you guys had it here!), and I won’t go on about how excellent the classes were, how Diana Crick (inventor of the Score-pal) gave away a whole pile of free stuff, how Celina and Gail packed more techniques into 2 hours than I ever would have thought possible, and I surely won’t tell you about the standing ovation I got after my second class.  I also won’t tell you about the fantastic deals we got in town on Jewelry, clothing and an Eskimo Doll for Ella.  And I definitely won’t tell you about Caryl and Shari’s Float plane trip, the whole gangs ride on the Skagway Train, the Aurora borealis, or the Glaciers, sigh, it just wouldn’t be fair, right? Tee hee, sorry but I just can’t help myself, it was an experience that I will never forget, and all the ladies that attended agree this is something that we should do again!  I’ll keep you posted on that development…

 A Heartfelt Thank You

Wow!  I don’t even know where to begin!  First of all, I have to send some Kudo’s out to my now Dear Friend Celina.  Without you Celina, my Card-Makers Cruise wouldn’t have existed!  You brought an effervescent energy that is unmatchable, and helped me bring to life an idea that was only a far off dream.  You may call yourself “the Colonel” but I think of you as my Guardian angel!

 You also brought me Donna, and what would we have done without her?! 

Thank you Donna, for finding Scrapbooking stores for us to visit in our travels, for bestowing food and drink on all of us upon our arrival to our respective cabins.  For allowing me to follow you around Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, the Windjammer, the Ice Cream machine etc etc.  And for listening to all my stories without throwing me overboard (though I guess THAT thank you should go out to everyone, yikes!)  I don’t believe that anyone else would have understood what I was trying to “create” with this cruise, and you nailed it!

 Celina also brought Diana Crick into our crew and if that wasn’t a Coup, then I don’t know what is!  Diana didn’t know me, and Cherish is certainly too new to be on her radar, but Diana must have seen something special in our little idea because she came on board (no pun intended) with the knowledge that she was going to be releasing a new product, and she promised one to everyone who attended her class.  Needless to say that I was in her class, and she exceeded all my expectations.  The cards (which were kept under wraps until Class time) were beautiful.  Free giveaways  (She even gave me a card sample that I threatened I was going to swipe from her), and by far the perfect way to start off our round of classes.  Thank you Diana for taking the time to make my little endeavor so special!

 Gail W.  also deserves recognition for her part in our escapade.  When we lost an instructor due to circumstances beyond our control, she stepped in to help Celina create an “Elegant Christmas” Card class, to rival experienced teachers.  I know that this took time away from your own Cruise experience, but I’m truly thankful for everything you did.

 I also have to thank all the 27 women who had the courage to join me on this first voyage.  You all braved a couple of newbies trying their hand at something only experienced companies do, and I hope we made you happy that you did!  Every hug that you gave me, every comment that you made about your various excursions, every smile that I saw on your faces, is stored away in my memory, making this trip so incredibly special to me, and for that I will always be in your debt.

 But let’s not forget the Thank you that has to go out to our 2 husbands that joined us!  Bob and Lee, you may never read this, but having you 2 with us, made all the ladies so giggly whenever you turned up, that I KNOW your presence made our group have even more fun!  Can you believe that Bob even chose to spend his birthday with a group of Crazed Card Makers like us?!  Brave, Brave Men, tee hee.

 Friendships were made last week that will never be forgotten, and yes, we will have a reunion, and yes, I am working on a site for all our pictures. 

Love and Hugs to each and every one of you!! (See you on board next year…)

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