Cherished Chat ~ July 27th

Hi Everybody,

 We’re almost halfway through the summer and hopefully all enjoying everything that summer brings?  Happy Sunny days, Uplifted Moods, Suntanned Skin, Mosquito bites, sigh.  Oh well, they aren’t here for long! 

 Andrew, Ella and I have been lucky enough to get some time to go swimming together a few times this summer, and we went again last night.  We’ve got Water wings for Ella, and I just bought her a flutter board so she can gain her balance with her upper body and learn to kick her legs.  Well!  We weren’t in the pool more than a half an hour when she flung the flutter board aside and decided that she wanted to swim “BY MYSELF” to the other side of the pool.  NOT the other side width wise, the other side length wise!  Well, Andrew and I swam on either side of her, and she went from the stairs at the shallow end to the steps at the deep end ALL BY HERSELF!!  And then she went back again!  She repeated this about 6 more times (I say “about” because she would change her mind in the middle of the pool, turn around and swim back the way she’d come, so it was hard to keep track of how many lengths she’d done!)

 We were quite surprised by her ability to go for so long, but we paid for it when we got home and a tired, cranky princess took over my daughter’s body!  Next time we won’t swim for so long, we’ve learned our lesson, tee hee.
NEW Product!!

~ Score-Buddy – the smaller version of the ScorePal, this little guy comes with his own carry case!  The score lines are ¼ inch apart with a few 1/8th apart, and is the perfect size for Card-makers!  I’m working on a Score Buddy class for an upcoming Saturday, I’ll keep you posted.

~ More Vintage Inspired Peel-Off Stickers – We have gorgeous flourishes, corners, frames and borders.  A few are repeats we’ve had before, but I added 8 new styles and colours, you HAVE to see these!

~ Crafty Secrets Double Sided Creative Scraps – Christmas!! Travel and Girlfriends

Back in Stock
~ Tombow Markers
~ Cuttlebug Folders in the New styles and all broken up for bulk sale.  No need to buy the whole set if you just like one of the designs!

Coming in 2 weeks
Oh my Gosh!  I was talking to Sandy of Crafty Secrets a few weeks ago about how I want her to design some flower stamps that I can colour with my Tombow markers in a technique class and I just picked up her new catalogue and what did I discover!!?  She’s done it! 4 Medium stamp sets, Rose, Poppy, Dahlia, and Sunflower, be still my heart, I can’t WAIT to get these in!  They tell me they should be ready for shipping in about 2 weeks so I’ll keep you posted!

 We are SO excited to Announce…
Can I put an ENTIRE section in bold lettering!?  We just got a call from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine on Friday before they left for the CHA letting us know that Cherish the Thought has been chosen as the LSS for their Local Scrapbooking Store Section in their Winter Edition!!  Whoo Hoo, we are bouncing off the walls!  Well, I’M bouncing off the walls!  They are by far my favorite magazine (All my layouts are Scraplifted from there!) so it’s been a little dream of mine to somehow be a part of such an awesome Canadian product, and being chosen from amongst so many Canadian stores that each have so much to offer is truly an honor!  Poor Jackie and Katharina are going to be inundated with phone calls and e-mails from me, gushing and crying and getting mushy, I’ll try and control myself…TRY, I said!

 I’m also extremely thrilled to say that Dianne and Chriss (Laura I haven’t heard from you yet) will be returning to take a staff picture for our article, as I couldn’t imagine showcasing Cherish without All my Cherished Chicks!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

 Jessie’s Antics
When I was around 3 years old, I stuck a button up my nose.  I remember this CLEARLY, because my mom had to rush me to the hospital and get a Doctor to remove it, and I have never seen such gigantic tweezers in my LIFE!  (Not that my nose is huge, but I was really little, and you know how your memory blows things up in your mind!)

Anyway, Mom, this story is dedicated to you…

On Thursday Ella stuck a bead up her nose.
She came to me and said “Mama, I have a bead in my nose” very matter-of-factly.
“What honey?
“I have a BEAD in my nose” at which point I realize her finger is ALSO up her nose, so I need to act FAST.
I tip her upside down in the bathroom (the brightest light) so I can have a look-see, and sure enough, there it is!
“O.k. Ella, Blow out while I go get the tweezers”  My heart is racing, Andrew has the car, how am I going to get Ella to the hospital, what if we can’t get it out, why the heck did she do that, where the heck are my tweezers!!  And upstairs Ella is blowing.
I race back to the bathroom, tip her over my lap and attempt an “Operation” (Do you remember that game?  I used to be really good at it!)
And just before I get a hold of the bead, Ella squeaks “No, you’re going to hurt me!” and turns her head, whereupon I push the bead in further!  Yikes!
I stand her up and again demand that she BLOW out.
Then I tip her again upside down, only this time I have a REALLY good grip on her head, snatch the bead in my first attempt (IF you don’t count that other time!) and lift her back to her feet.
“Ella, WHY did you put a bead up your nose?!”
“I don’t know”
“Well, don’t do it again!”
Oh man, are we going to go into THAT now! “Feel Mommy’s heart, you freaked me out, THAT’S WHY!”
So they say that what goes around comes around, so Mom, I’m SOOO sorry!

And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And have a GREAT long weekend!  I hope you spend it with us, but if not, get a little crafting time in okay?

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen, Charlotte and Sheryll

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