Cherished Chat ~ August 8th

Hi Everybody,

I know, I know, I missed the newsletter last week, the holidays always throw me off, and I made the added mistake of taking TUESDAY off as well, so I could go to the aquarium with some family visiting from Alberta, and well, I feel like I lost half a week!

Anyway, we’re getting back on track, class samples are being added daily to the display in the store, and I’m hoping to get the pics up on the website this week (though I’m sneaking away again for a little bit, so go easy on me if they don’t get posted until Friday!)

I would like to say though, that our classes are starting to sell out, so if you are thinking about taking a specific one, you may want to reserve your space.  We’ve had a few people disappointed that they couldn’t take the time slot they wanted.  We also have a couple of Kids classes next week that are sold out, and I’ve been told that the projects are so cute that Andrew thought they were adult classes!  I told you I’m not good at simplifying!  Just ‘cause it’s advertised as a kids class, doesn’t mean we don’t constantly get Adults joining us, right Lara, Roberta, Dee? tee hee.

Anyway, I’m working on September’s projects and I’m really excited to get those samples out for you to see as well!  And don’t worry, we’ll be doing a class with the New SpellBinder Dies, Yes, we’ll be playing with Paste again, and if you think my Tombow Butterflies were gorgeous, Just you wait…

NEW Product!!
Because I’ve been sidetracked with classes, I haven’t been running around getting stock, but thankfully my Warehouse is far ahead of me!  We’ve got a whole slew of new products posted on our Online store including the New Crafts Too Embossing Folders.  Check it all out and remember that you can have your order shipped to the store to save on postage charges!

 ~ New SpellBinder dies to arrive at ANY time!  And the best part is that my warehouse guys are on the lookout, and as soon as the shipment arrives they will posting them on our Online store!  I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive, but if you purchase them online, you will get the BEST price in town and be one of the FIRST to get them in your anxious little hands!  If I knew how to Twitter, this would be the perfect situation to try it out!  Oh well, one day I’ll understand technology!

This week’s Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday August 14th Make-and-Take ~ $2 ~ 2pm – 4pm
I just saw this really cool technique on using Stencil brushes and ink pads to create a beautiful background, so I want to try my hand at that.  You know how I LOVE to “make it all yourself”, well, this demo was right up my alley!

 Saturday Technique Class August 14th @ 10:30am ~  $25 (includes jar of glitter) Limited Spots available
We’ve had a few Survivor Contest Cards feature the Glittered Peel-Off technique, and many of you have asked how it was done.  Well, you asked for it, we will be using Glitter to colour in Three Peel-Off images and you WILL leave all “A-Sparkle” tee hee.  Space is limited for this one time only class so if you are interested be sure to call us soon!

 Next Week’s Class ~ Jessie’s CuttleBug Christmas Cards $25
Sunday August 15th @ 1pm and Wednesday August [email protected] 10:30am or 6:30pm
This class features the newish Winter Wonderland Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and will show you different ways to use these folders as backgrounds, main images and borders.  We will also be plying with the Core Paper idea, as well as playing with a little Vintage, and creating your own unique hat pins.

Summer Classes for Kids – August
All classes are $12 and your little cherubs will just need to bring their adhesives and scissors.  We’ll take care of the rest!
Monday August 16th 10:30am – 4 x 4 Mini Album (Farm / Petting zoo theme)
Monday August 16th 1pm – CD Case Catch-all for your desk (2 spots left)
Tuesday August 17th 10:30am – Disney Theme Memento Box
Tuesday August 17th 1pm – 12 x 12 Layout – Me in 2010
Wednesday August 18th 10:30am – Peel-Off Sticker Christmas Cards
Wednesday August 18th 1pm – 2011 Mini Desk Calendar (2 spots left)
Thursday August 19th 10:30am – Perler Bead embellishments with 12 x 12 layout
Thursday August 19th 1pm – “My Vaca” Mini Chipboard album (2 Spots left)
Friday August 20th 10:30am – Mini Album in Coffee Tin 
Friday August 20th 1pm – 8 cards in Tote (Sold Out)

 Survivor Port Moody
OutStamp, OutCraft, Outlast!
We have a winner!  Congratulations Terry, you’re baby Carriage card won this round and you are the Sole Survivor!  This was Terry’s first time entering Survivor, and my understanding was she wasn’t quite sure that her card would make it very far, but that just goes to show you!  Taking the chance of entering our contest just won you a $25 Store Gift Certificate!  Congratulations Terry!

 The next round is up on the board, so come in and vote for your favorite!  Better yet, bring a car of your own in for the next round!  You never know…
Survivors ready…Go!

Replies to Last Weeks Ella’s Antics
So on the last newsletter I told you about Ella’s adventures with “The Bead”, another entry in the life of Ella.  What surprised me were the number of responses I got back from all of you with stories of your own!  Well, I simply HAD to share 2 of them, as they made me laugh out loud!

 When our daughter Alanna, now age 30, was about Ella’s age, she stuck a piece of fabric stuffing from one of her dollies up there.  That necessitated a father-n-daughter trip to the hospital, while Mama stayed home with the older child and freaked out.
 When they got home, Daddy said, “Tell Mama what the doctor said”.  Huge, innocent grin:  “Doctor call me a dummy!”
 So, about six months ago, I get a call from The Son-in-Law.  Who said:  “Well, like mother, like son.”
 You can guess the rest…only this time around, it was a raisin.

A few months ago, Jacob (age 4) calls me into his room (way past his bedtime) and says mom I have to tell you something but you’re going to be upset and I’m scared.
Finally it comes out that he’s stuck a bionicle piece up his nose.  
I ask why?  Cuz I didn’t think it would get stuck, I stuck the blue piece up the other day and it didn’t get stuck

I’m so glad I’m NOT alone!  And I’m going to share with all of you a tip I got from Mary (and Sonja), should anything ever get stuck again (Please No!?)

My daughter did something very similar when she was about 4.  We couldn’t get it with tweezers and had to take her to Emergency.  My husband took her in and the doctor (while she was sitting-up) plugged the nostril that was empty and blew into her mouth and the item blew right out of her nose.

Now on to this week’s antic…

Ella’s Antics
Ella and I were at the Mall the other day, and she insisted on using the Payphone (we are the only family in the world who do not own a cell phone)
I told her that it only took phone cards (this particular one only did) and that I didn’t have one with me.
He reply was “But I’m a Business Woman, and I need a Business Card, so I can make a phone call”
She talks with full arm movement, so every “Business” is punctuated with an elaborate gesture.
“But Honey, I told you I don’t have one, you aren’t listening to mommy’s words”
At which point she Huffed, put her hands on her hips and said
“Mama, you are ‘Tressing me Out”

Little ears hear EVERYTHING don’t they, tee hee

And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And do whatever it takes to relieve a little of your daily stress, maybe take a RELAXING class with us, (Right guys, NO STRESS!)

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen, Charlotte and Sheryll

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  1. Mel M says:

    I just love Ella’s antics & the way you write. It’s like having coffee with you, even though my sitting at home with coffee giggling over the newsletter is probably more like “stalking” ;o).

    Another bead story (sort of) well a nostril story, anyhow: When I was 3 or 4, I picked an unripe berry off of a shrub and ‘planted’ it in my nose. I remember the trip to the doctor (being embarrassed and creeped out.) heehee.

    And “business woman” man, your kid is FUNNY! (Has to be genetic!)

    Thanks for the giggles and the trip down memory lane, Happy Stampin’ :o) mel

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