Cherished Chat ~ June 29

Hi Everybody,

 If you’ve had a chance to come in for a visit over the past few weeks then you’ve already felt the change around here!  With one little decision comes a flood of emotions that frankly has surprised me.  I feel as though I’ve been away somewhere and am finally coming home, and I’m sure you’ve all felt it too when you’ve been in for our Saturday Neat ‘Nique or our fabulous classes!

Our upcoming technique classes are blowing my mind!  And more are being added daily!  We’ve got many of the samples posted on the website, but you know they look even better in person.  We’ve also got samples of our Cruise classes, our BC Crop for Kids classes, and our Be Creative Expo classes in the store for a sneak peek too, so you can see we’ve been busy, busy, busy.

 And if that wasn’t enough, we have more products coming in every week, with even more techniques for me to teach you, because you KNOW that I have at least 5 different ways to use everything in this store!  Finally, I’m here when you have a question about a product, and I’m so excited to whip it out and show you how to create something extraordinary.  But even that’s not all!  Andrew has been coming up with all sorts of cool things to do with stuff I’ve brought in, as well as items we’ve all had in our stash since we started.  He’s left me speechless (that’s right, SPEECHLESS) with what he’s come up with!

The buzz of excitement is back at Cherish, and I’m going out of my mind! 

 I’m also thrilled to tell you that Cherish the Thought is the first store in Canada to carry a brand new, never before seen, product from ProvoCraft, (well, except for the ladies in my Cuttlebug Club who got a sneak peek tonight, whoo hoo!)

 I’ve got a cool technique to show you on Saturday, where we’ll use this neat “tool” in our Make-and-Take, but you’ll have to come in and see how awesome it is, as I’m sure not going to spoil the surprise! 

 Come on in and see how Cherish can Inspire You, Excite You, and just provide a little Joy in your day, ‘cause we all need a Play date!

 This week’s Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday July 3rd Make-and-Take ~ $2 ~ 2pm – 4pm
If you think I’m going to spill the beans about the New product here, you are surely mistaken!  This item sounded kind of Hokey when I first ordered it, but when I had a chance to play with it this afternoon, it’s SO beautiful, and extraordinarily EASY, that it’s right up my alley!

A gorgeous card made in a minute and a half even if I haven’t precut the paper for you, this beauty is sure to inspire!  Be one of the first to try this item ONLY at Cherish the Thought, and when your friends see what you’ve made they’ll think you spent HOURS on it.

There’s nothing like it on the market, and quantities are limited to the store only, these items will not be listed online until we had a chance to show you what these babies can do!

(have you figured it out yet…?  Not enough hints…?  Then we’ll see you Saturday!)

 Next Week’s Class ~ Jessie’s Glittered Stencils $30
Sunday July 4th @ 1pm FULL and Wednesday July 7th @ 10:30am or 6:30pm

Let’s play with our Brass Stencils, and show you 4 different ways to colour the images using Glitter!  These beautiful cards are obviously full of sparkle, but it’s the technique of how to apply glitter to your stencil without ruining the paper or the stencil that will really win you over!  The class fee includes the Violet Stencil so you can easily create more of these cards on your own.

 Summer Classes for Kids
Yup. We’ve got ‘em scheduled, and samples are trickling in, but here are the dates and times.  All classes are $12 and your little cherubs will just need to bring their adhesives and scissors.  We’ll take care of the rest!

Monday July 12th 10:30am – Mini Paper Bag Album
Monday July 12th 1pm – Mini Accordion album in Acrylic Box
Tuesday July 13th 10:30am – Make your own beaded embellishments
Tuesday July 13th 1pm – Photo Flower Pot
Wednesday July 14th 10:30am – Mini Wire Bound Friendship Envelope Book
Wednesday July 14th 1pm – Vacation Mini Album in Tin
Thursday July 15th 10:30am – 2010 Favorite Things in Altoid Tin
Thursday July 15th 1pm – 4 x 4 Mini Chipboard Album
Friday July 16th 10:30am – Enchanted Lily Card Class
Friday July 16th 1pm – 8 x 8 Canvas

 Survivor Port Moody

OutStamp, OutCraft, Outlast!
Congratulations to Edna Sui who won our last Survivor contest, it was a close race, but she won by 4 votes!  We have your Gift Certificate here for you Edna, whenever you’re free to come by.

 As an aside, Edna was also our first Iron Scrapper when we first opened 2 years ago.  She reigned for a year until Robin won the contest last year.  Hmmm, maybe it’s time for another Iron Scrapper, what do you think…?

 Ella’s Antics
Ella’s started to tell jokes.
But she hasn’t quite gotten the concept yet.
So here is her favorite, or at least the one she repeats the most!

Ella ~ “Knock Knock”
Andrew ~ “Who’s There?”
Ella ~ “Ella”
Andrew ~ “Ella, Who?”
Ella ~ “Ella, mommy and daddy” whereupon she breaks out into peals of laughter.

Sometimes the punchline is “Ella, Monty and Max” with the same hysterical laughter.  We’re not entirely sure what she finds so funny, but since it makes us laugh too, it may be hard to convince her that she’s really NOT that funny!

And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And Knock Knock, …Who’s there?…Not Who, WHAT, and I’m not telling you until you come in on Saturday and see for yourself, tee hee.

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen, Charlotte and Sheryll

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