Cherished Chat ~ June 9th

Hi Everybody,

 Well, we’ve done it, Andrew is officially a Scrapbooker.  Yes, he created his first 12 x 12 Scrapbook page, and it wasn’t Scrap-lifted, it came right from his imagination!  I don’t mean that as a dig, because if you’ve followed my newsletter, you know that I am a Self-confessed Scrap-lifter, and the thought of designing a whole page without magazines around for inspiration make me shudder!  I have said to him, as I say to all of you, Journaling MUST be done for the page to be complete, otherwise how does anyone know that YOU were actually at that Nine Inch Nails concert?  Well, maybe YOU weren’t, but he was, tee hee.  So he was published in Canadian Scrapbooker Spring 2009, he’s taught a card class at Cherish, and now he’s created his first layout, I think he’s caught the bug, don’t you…?

This week’s Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday June 12th Make-and-Take ~ $2 ~ 2pm – 4pm

Andrew’s taking over the workshop this week, and he’s using the Textured Embossing PasteDreamweaver Embossing paste to create a REALLY cool background WITHOUT the stencils!  He’s also used his “manly” eye to create an eye-catching feature on this card with Spellbinders Labels 12 Die.  I’m always amazed at how he can look at a product we use all the time, and tweak into something extraordinary!  The card sample is finished so you can stop in and see what we’ll be doing!

Ella’s Antics

I told you guys a few weeks ago about how Ella LOVES the Telus Hippo commercials?  Whatever she’s doing, as soon as she hears the music start, she stops dead and can’t tear her eyes from the TV screen.

Well, last night, when the “Splish, Splash” began, Ella started laughing hysterically!  She then threw herself onto the floor and started wiggling around like a dying fish.  Laughing with her, I asked…

“Ella, are you splashing around your tub like that Hippo?”

And she answered…

“No Mommy, I’m being a Goofball!”

Sheesh, I REALLY have to watch what I say around her!

 And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And I hope Telus never stops those cute commercials.  I LOVE how much Ella adores them!

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen, Charlotte and Sheryll

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