Cherished Chat ~ June 2nd

Look at the stock piled on the floor! We couldn't fit it all in!

Hi Everybody,

This has been a week of rediscovery for us.  A week of seeing friends who haven’t been in the shop in awhile, a week of products returning to Cherish after a long absence, and a week of realizing we miss our Cherished Roots.  Many of you know why we opened Cherish the Thought, to be a Family Owned Business, to teach Ella about personal relationships and customer service, and to be a part of a lovely community like Port Moody.

 We opened the store of our dreams, and for a year ran it exactly how we wanted, like we were inviting friends into our home.  And then we learned that Clipper was closing, and we thought that their loss would be missed in the community and that Cherish needed to provide you with everything Clipper had. 

To be able to see outside while you craft, a dream come true!

And we lost our way.  If you’ve been in the store over the past month, you’ve seen that I’ve been focusing really hard on getting back to our roots, and it has forced me to make a decision.  No Cherish the Thought is NOT closing.  However, we are Right-Sizing.  We have decided to Sub-Lease the second space workshop to allow us to focus on what we do best.  More Personal, Hands-on, Technique Oriented classes in a cozy environment.

In speaking with a few of you this week, I believe that we have made the right decision, and I’m looking forward to getting back to my in-store classes (it’ll sure saving me from running back and forth for things I’ve forgotten!).  So if you know of anyone who may be interested in leasing a large, bright, well-located 1200 square foot space, please have them contact my Realtor Don Wilson at [email protected] or 604-437-1123

 We have enjoyed the space for the past year and know that whoever takes it over will as well.

 New in Stock
I don’t know if this counts as “New” or “Back In” since it’s been a year since we’ve seen it in here but…
~ Dreamweaver Brass Stencils
~ Embossing Paste
~ Palette Knives
~ Coconut Soap (for glittering your stencils, Whoo Hoo!)

 Sizzix has made a new product that goes with the Tim Holtz BigZ Label Dies.  It helps pop the paper out without ruining the edges (though your sponge trick REALLY worked Susan, Thanks!) so for anyone who purchased one of these dies from us, let me know the next time you are in and I will make sure you get this magnetic sponge, FREE!

This week’s Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday June 5th Make-and-Take ~ $2 ~ 2pm – 4pm

We’ll be playing with our Brass stencils this weekend.  I won’t be able to do the entire make-and-take with the Embossing paste as it takes too long to dry, but we will stencil with colour to create our image and then I will demo how easy the paste is to use!

 Welcome to a New Cherished Chick
I think it’s about time that we officially welcome Sheryll to our Cherished Family!  She’s helped us out at the last few Trade Shows, and is now coming in on Saturdays to assist with my Neat ‘Niques.  So Sheryll, now that you’re in the Newsletter, you have to quit your day job and be with us Full-Time…It was worth a try, I tell Annie the same thing every week, and she doesn’t listen to me either, tee hee.  See you Saturday!

 Port Moody’s Next Top Paper-Crafter
Almost all the projects are in, and the judges are finishing up their votes so we’ll have a winner soon!

 Are you Port Moody’s Next Top Paper Crafter…?

 Ella’s Antics
We went for dinner last night at my Parent-in-laws and my sister-in-law, her Beau, and his parents were all there as well.  I say “Beau”, because I am very impatiently waiting for him to propose and frankly I’m getting annoyed that he hasn’t made it official yet!

Anyway, obviously we all really like Steve, and although he’s a little shy around Ella, she has a way of getting him to do whatever she wants.  “Unca Teeve, come here, pay wiff me”.  And so the stair races began.

They began at the top of the staircase on their bottoms, and skootched step by step as fast as they could.  Now obviously Steve has much longer legs than Ella, so where she went one stair at a time, he could go down three, so it was clear that he was going to have no problem winning even though he was trying to stay even with Ella.  My little princess however, was not going to let ANYONE beat her, so about halfway down, with Steve a step ahead of her, she raised her hand and said “AbraCadabra Stop!”  In his surprise, he stopped, she scuttled down the last few stairs, flung her arms over her head and shouted “I Win!”

Needless to say, we had all witnessed this very obvious “cheat” but were laughing quite hard at her ingenuity.  That’s my girl, if you can’t Beat ‘em, Freeze em!

And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And AbraCadabra Stop Raining, sigh, it didn’t work!

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen, Charlotte and Sheryll

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