Cherished Chat ~ June 17

Hi Everybody,

I know, I’m late, again, but it’s been a heck of a week.  I blew my car engine…getting an Ice Cap…well, not by actually getting one, but on the way to getting one, sigh.  Timing belt broke and thrust my piston through the head of my engine.  She’s toast.  So needless to say, my focus was elsewhere this week, however, those of you that have had any sort of conversation with me know that I believe that things happen for a reason, and this situation was just another moment to learn a lesson.

1.  Keep your coolant reservoir full. 
2.  Sometimes stopping, reflecting, and being IN the moment helps you to see things clearly. 
3.  It’s really hard to get someone to help you with your car even though the hood is up, the hazards are on, and I’m standing with a set of jumper cables in my hand, obviously in need.

Many of you have come in during the last week, to let me know that you support my decision to Right-Size the store, and your comments mean ever so much to me!  I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it, Cherish will be built on the comments of customers, as I change things based on what many of you tell me you wish stores would do or offer.

We include envelopes in EVERY Card Class because you told me that’s what you want.  We DON’T cancel classes when there is only one person signed up, we just give you what we fondly call a “Custom Class”.  We offer kits for our classes if you can’t make the date, and will even set up a time at YOUR convenience to complete the kit here if you like.  All of these things make Cherish YOUR store, and make Cherish unlike any other retail business out there.

And that brings me to one of the comments that was made this week that surprised me.  We used to hold our classes in the store workshop for the first year we were open, and I always felt a little guilty that I was sometimes interrupted and had to leave you, and felt that I was being disrespectful to you.  So moving the classes to the Larger workshop helped give you all my complete attention.  But this week, you told me, that you miss the homey atmosphere of having the classes in the store.  That as a class participant, being a part of the bustle of the store is a part of the fun, and that as a shopping customer, hearing the giggling going on the classes is also something you treasure!  I hadn’t thought about that…until you mentioned it…and until I had an hour to stare out my windshield with nothing to do! 

So THANK YOU for reminding me, just how unique our classes are, how many little tips you pick up because we’re comfortable enough that it feels like we’re in my Lining Room chatting about what product works best, and for once again bringing me back to the lovely little shop I first imagined 2 years ago. 

I would like to make a special invitation to those of you who have never been to one of my classes, to come by this Sunday or Wednesday and just watch a bit of my Tombow class in the store.  It’s a technique based class, so you will see what you’re in for when you take a class here, my stories, my teaching style, little tips & tricks and my most excellent coffee, tee hee (You know I couldn’t NOT mention our Fresh Ground, Fresh Brewed Coffee!  Where else can you get such a delish fresh cup of coffee in 30 seconds!)

This testimonial was sent to me for my website, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

[Cherish] classes are a treat to attend…well thought out, innovative ideas, and a smaller class size so all participants regardless of ability get personalized attention. And there’s always a hot cup of tea if you need one

Oops, I forgot to tell you about our Tea! Tee hee

Anyway, thank you, for everything you’ve said and done for me over these past two years!  Big Hugs and Really Sloppy Kisses!

This week’s Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday June 19th Make-and-Take ~ $2 ~ 2pm – 4pm

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, so we’d be insane not to do a Masculine Card!  And with Lisa from Local King coming here to teach a class I was inspired to show off one of her Marker Techniques with her Koi Stamp Set.  And wouldn’t you know the rest of Tim Holtz’ Embossing folders have arrived so we’ll HAVE to through one of those into the card as well!  So come on in and make a card that will work for the man in your life (not just Dad’s) as this card can work for Birthday’s, Retirement and Anniversaries as well.  See you at 2pm!

New In Stock

~More Local King Stamps than you have ever seen all in one place (discounting when Lisa’s at a trade show!)  Our back wall is full and Lisa is bringing more on Saturday!

~ Tim Holtz Embossing Folders

~ Crafty Secrets Stamp sets

Ella’s Antics
Everything Happens for a Reason.  I believe that whole-heartedly.  And the car breaking down gave me this week’s antic.

Ella and I had to walk home last night as Andrew was off trying to get a loaner vehicle.  And thankfully it was a nice evening, but I wasn’t too sure if Ella would walk all the way (about a half hour when I do it by myself).  So we started out slowly…by stopping in at the Petro-Canada for a chocolate bar, tee hee.

And then we began our journey.  In one hand she clutched the Balloon hat Auntie Katie had just given her, and in the other, her little fingers were intertwined with mine.  That is until we saw the most beautiful flower and Ella had to pick it for me.  A Dandelion first, then a purple weed I don’t know the name of, a buttercup, a daisy, another dandelion, and so on.  And gradually, as she talked incessantly (who does she get THAT from!?) I fell into the peacefulness that walking brings you.  I watched the people going by, coming out of restaurants, getting their hair done, walking their dogs, and I looked down at Ella who surprisingly was looking up at me at the same time!

“I love you Mommy” she said.

There wasn’t any prompting, it just came out, naturally, like she’d also been watching life go by us, and was enjoying being with me as much as I was enjoying being with her.

“I love you too Beans”

was all I could say, before she ran off to get another “Flower” for my Bouquet.

And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And I hope that the next time you see someone with their car hood up, you take a moment and see if they need help.  I know we’re all busy, but they may have been waiting a whole hour for someone to notice…like I did.

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen, Charlotte and Sheryll

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