Cherished Chat ~ May 4th

Hello, hello!

I have a question to ask you…Do you feel it?  That tiny inkling of something new in the air?  Maybe it’s Spring, maybe it’s the hopefulness of an economic upturn?  Or maybe it’s that the Canucks might actually make it through the semi-finals (tee hee) Last night Andrew was watching the game with Ella while I put dinner together, and this was the snatch of conversation I heard…

Daddy: O.K. Ella, we’re rooting for the guys in White

Ella: But Daddy, you said they wearing Blue

Daddy: I know, they keep changing, Away games are Blue, Home games are white

(or something like that I had tuned out by then) Andrew’s trying to teach Ella the ins and outs of Hockey so he’ll have a better chance of watching the games.  He thinks he and Ella can BOTH gang up on me to get what he wants!  Sheesh, you’d think I was the remote-control master! (o.k. so maybe I am…a little)

Anyway, I feel like Cherish is blooming and I’m so excited to get to all the good stuff coming up!  (Though I have to keep some things under my hat right now…)

New in Stock

~ TIM HOLTZ Embossing Folders!!  Only 2 styles for now, but more due in next week, Whoo Hoo

Make & Takes from the Show

Okay, so this section of last weeks newsletter caused a little confusion, but I think I’ve fixed the problem.  None of my make-and-Takes are ever “take away” with you as a kit, because I always want to show you a cool technique, but so many of you wanted just a kit to glue together that I had Charlotte come in on Sunday (THANKS Charlotte!!) and help me make them into the kits you want, so NOW they are ready for you to come in and take them away, tee hee.  You will still need to do your own embossing at home, but we figure you can use what you have and make the cards your own, but all the stamping has been done, phew!

Drop in at your convenience and choose the ones you like!  We don’t have 600 left, but we still have a few.

2010 in a Tin ~ Mini Album Project $50 ~ Proceeds going to Bc Crop for Kids

This project has been MONTHS in the making, literally, as I keep having to change my paper selection, but we’ve almost got it together and I simply can’t wait so here it is…

This class is 12 mini albums, one to showcase your photo’s for each month of the year, all stored in a cute little tin.  We will offer it as a kit but with class times available should you like to work on it in a classroom environment with Jessie’s help (and her multitude of stories, you just can’t get away from them!) and the proceeds will go to the BC Crop for Kids!  This project is Super Cute and it’s for a good cause but kits are limited so if you are interested, let us know soon.

New Website

I’m so VERY excited to say that the new site is finally up!  It still needs a little tweeking (some prettying up, Jessie Style) but the basics are there, Whoo Hoo.  I nagged Ryan this morning so much, that he agreed to make it “live” and then HE suggested we take a silly picture and post it.  Isn’t he cute!  Though, when I told my Vendor that Ryan had “activated” me, I got a REALLY funny look.  Oopsie, I have to watch how I word stuff!

Coming Soon…

You know we’re always trying new things out, and changing them if they don’t work out until we get it just right, so we are making another change to our Store Hours.

Beginning in June we will Open again on Sundays, and move the Saturday classes back to Sunday afternoons.  I liked Sunday classes better, and I missed our Saturday Special Events!

Also, Starting VERY soon, (but actual dates are being decided on) Product Launch parties.  Similar to our open Houses in the past, we will be holding Saturday Launch Parties to play with some of the new stuff that is coming in.  (And there is A LOT on the way, oh my gosh I can’t WAIT!!)

Our Artisan Market will also run all week instead of just on Saturdays, but more details will follow as we get it all sorted out.

So as you can see, this feeling I have of something blooming is probably the seed of excitement of knowing that this is the year that Cherish finds her spirit and takes us all on a really fun adventure!

Ella’s Antics

I wish Andrew was here writing this, as I heard this story second hand, but I think I can get the gist across of what happened.

I’m always telling you stories of Ella breaking out into song.  She tends to make up songs based on the things that catch her eye while she’s singing, so the words can be quite strange starting with her bicycle and veering off about how much she loves her cats.  It’s odd but for us, kind of neat to see how her brain works.

Anyway, apparently when Andrew put her to bed the other night, Ella asked him to sing her a song and when he was done, she asked for another.  Now Andrew doesn’t necessarily KNOW a lot of songs suitable for her (Nine Inch Nails REALLY isn’t appropriate, even if she does LOVE Lady Gaga) so he asked her what she would like him to sing about.  She said “Monty and Maxie” (our cats).  He thought about it for a minute and then sang “Meow, Meow, Meow, Mewmeow” to the tune of Row Row Row, your boat.  Apparently this caused Ella to laugh hysterically making it a little hard for Andrew to then get her to bed!

The next day (after he had told me about it) I asked Ella to sing a song about Monty and Max, and she thought about it for a moment and started Meowing.  She could barely keep it together as she laughed herself silly and kept trying to sing around the laughter.  It was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

And with that

Stamp yourself Silly,

Adhere with Abandon,

And don’t forget, Glitter on Saturday, we’ll be Spreading the Sparkle ALL over, and it will be for a VERY good cause, the BC Children’s Hospital.

Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen and Charlotte

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3 Responses to Cherished Chat ~ May 4th

  1. Thanh says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats Jessie!

  2. Yolanda says:

    Hello sweet Jessie,

    I’m so glad to see your new website is up and running. I kept checking back before although there was a counter … Love it. It’s so classy and elegant. Can’t wait to see the final touches. Wish you a successful fund-raising event on Saturday. I wish I could come…hmm, let’s see.

  3. great to see this! know you’ve been wanting it for so long! love the photos of ella!

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