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Hi Everybody!

Does each week seem to get better and better or is it just me?!  I thought I was excited LAST week to get out the newsletter, but I’m EVEN MORE excited today!!  I can’t wait to tell you what we have lined up in June, so let’s just get right to it…

New in Stock
~ 3 more Tim Holtz NEW Embossing Folders ~ Burlap, Bingo and Collage.  I’ve posted pics on the website, oooohhhh I feel a Neat ‘Nique coming on!
~ Local King Rubber stamps Koi, Birds of a Feather (I LOVE this stamp), Asian flowers, Swallows, Cute but Dangerous, and Hippo’s (this is for Ella, as she’s addicted to the Telus commercial!) (Lisa’s part of my reason for being excited, but you have to read down a little farther to find out why, tee hee)

Back in Stock
~ Tim Holtz Embossing Folders that we sold out of last week
~ Crafts Too embossing folders from the UK
~ Shimmer Spritz in all colours
~ Local King background stamps, Script, Notes, Silence, Bark

 In Stock by Saturday
~ Pink Cat Studio Enchanted Lily, and all her Bug Outfits, Hooty, and Tweet

 This week’s Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday May 22nd ~ Make-and-Take ~ 2pm-4pm $2
We’ll be squeezing a whole pile of new stuff into this make-and-take!  I want to play with the new Tim Holtz folders, as well as LadyBug Lily, and my Tombow Markers, so there will be a little bit of everything on this card.  With it being a long weekend, I figure many of you may be on vacation, so I can make this card extra special for those of us still stuck in the city, boo hoo.

Port Moody’s Next Top Paper-Crafter
The contest has begun and the competition is stiff!  We’re marking the first round of projects this week, then we’ll post them up on our website and display them in the front window at the store.  I can’t wait to show you the cool idea’s the girls have come up with using the new My Mind’s Eye stuff!

 Surprise, surprise, I’m behind in my scoring, and posting, but I’ll get Andrew to put the pics on our site tomorrow, he did the front window today and I have to say that all your projects are breathtaking!

 Are you Port Moody’s Next Top Paper Crafter…?

2010 in a Tin ~ Mini Album Project $50 ~ Proceeds going to BC Crop for Kids
This project has been MONTHS in the making, literally, as I keep having to change my paper selection, but we’ve almost got it together and I simply can’t wait so here it is…

 This class is 12 mini albums, one to showcase your photo’s for each month of the year, all stored in a cute little tin.  We will offer it as a kit but with class times available should you like to work on it in a classroom environment with Jessie’s help (and her multitude of stories, you just can’t get away from them!) and the proceeds will go to the BC Crop for Kids!  This project is Super Cute and it’s for a good cause but kits are limited so if you are interested, let us know soon.

 The Dates for Class Time are
Sunday June 13th @ 1pm
Sunday July 11th @ 1pm
Sunday August 15th @ 1pm

 You can attend 1 or all of the dates as we work on the books, or just take the kit and work on it at home, it’s completely up to you.  I’ll get pics posted on our website this week.

New Online Store!
Although I’m still tweaking a few things on the site (and thank you to all who have let me know what I’m missing, it’s REALLY helped me get to it faster!) we’ve got our online store up and running.  I’ve practiced making an account and that worked well, I’m going to test purchasing a product tomorrow, but I have faith that will work as well, so check it out and have a peek around, because we’ve listed items that we don’t usually carry in the store, and we’ve listed them at lower prices as a way to thank you all for supporting us so lovingly over the past 2 years!

 You can choose to have the items shipped directly to your house, or you can pick them up at the store to save shipping costs, the Wednesday after you place your order.

 All items online, may only be purchased through the website, they are not available for purchase at the store.  Also, the Cherished Chum membership does not apply to online purchases, as the items are listed less than your discount would be at store level.

 We’re adding more New stuff Regularly, so check it out!

Survivor Port Moody
OutStamp, OutCraft, Outlast!
2 cards left, this is it, the last week to crown our Sole Survivor.  Be sure to come in and cast your vote for your favorite!  (Dee I know who you’re voting for and I put your button in, don’t worry!)  Remember, it’s the card with the least amount of votes that will be knocked of the Island at the end of the week, and our Sole Survivor will win a Cherished Cheque for $25!

We are collecting for the next round as well, so get your cards into me as quick as you can, because now that we’re back on track, we’ll fill up quick, after all, $25 is nothing to sneeze at with all the new stuff flooding the store!

CuttleBug Club $25 for 4 sessions
Tuesday May 25th @ 6:30pm
What is the cuttlebug club?  Well, really it’s kind of a dumb name when really it’s all about the BigShot and various embossing folders, but “Cuttlebug Club” has a much nicer ring than “BigShot with various embossing folders”, don’t cha think?

Anyway, for $25 you get 2 embossing folders of my choice and 4 club sessions to learn different embossing techniques.  Your 4 sessions begin when you sign up, and we meet the last Tuesday of every month (excluding December) to make a card with our newly learned technique.  Should you need to miss a class, the kit is still yours and you and I set up a time where I can run you through the technique, they never take more than 15minutes or so when we’re one on one, so it’s very straight forward.

 If you already have the folders I’ve chosen, you can exchange them for something else.

 Special Event – Guest Instructor ~ Lisa of Local King Rubber
Saturday June 19th
OOOHHHHH I’m SOOO excited!!!  Lisa is coming to Cherish!  We’ve managed to find a spare Saturday in her hectic schedule to come and teach some special classes in our Workshop, so without further ado…

 Lisa’s Copper Cards @ 10:30am ~ $30
This first class consists of 3 cards and Lisa will show you how to incorporate Copper sheets into your cards and create some gorgeous yet manageable techniques using her stamps.  The samples will be posted on our site on Wednesday under “Classes” but you have to see these cards in person to REALLY appreciate their beauty!  (They are in the store for you to see)

 Lisa’s Beautiful Brayer Cards @ 2:00pm ~ $25
This second class focuses on 4 Brayer techniques on 4 cards to create beautiful backgrounds for her gorgeous stamps.  The samples will be posted under “Classes” in the next day or so, so check back! 

 If you know Lisa, you know she’s hard to pin down and space will be limited, so if you are interested in participating in this very special class, be sure to reserve your spot soon!  Pre-payment is required as Lisa’s time is VERY valuable.

 Ella’s Antics
It was Ella’s third birthday on Sunday, and we had a craft party in the workshop.  It was FAR less structured than our normal birthday parties, and to tell the truth, we had so much fun, we may just take on all your toddler parties!

 My favorite part though, was after all the party guests had left, and it was just family.  Ella had gotten a pair of roller blades from our friends Matt, Rania, and SoPHia (tee hee, Rania) and it was the first thing Ella went to, so we strapped them on her and wheeled her around the workshop.  She looked like a Raptor from Jurassic Park, with her skinny little legs and these Ginormous “Boots” and of course it took her a bit to figure out how to hold her legs, as her feet wouldn’t co-operate and kept veering off in different directions!

 We explained keeping your feet together, leaning forward, and skootching one foot forward and then the other, and she seemed to understand, but my little princess ain’t no fool!  She learned REALLY quickly that if she leaned BACK while we were holding her hands, we would push her around sort of like a wheel barrow…so she did.  Lean back, I mean.  For about a half an hour!  Grampa pushed her around the workshop, and then he went outside and RAN around the courtyard.  When he got tired, Nana took over.  When she gave up, Auntie Katie pushed Ella around.  When Katie had had enough, Andrew took over.  Each of them running faster than the one before.  And through all of this, Ella laughed the most joyful laugh that only a toddler can do.

 When did I get a turn to push Ella, you ask?  THIS princess ain’t no fool either, I rubbed my back and said Dr Dubois (my Chiropractor) REALLY wouldn’t be happy with me, so I got out of it, tee hee!

 Thank You Matt, Rania & Sophia, for giving me such a lovely moment, in an absolutely perfect day!

 And with that
Stamp yourself Silly,
Adhere with Abandon,
And keep an open mind to all possibilities, one day you will get what you didn’t even realize you wanted, and it will be worth it! wink

 Ella, Jessie, Andrew, Annie, Lori, Doreen and Charlotte

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