Winner of our Port Moody Survivor Card Contest

You must admit that this card is terrific.  Lynn is the winner of this past survivor and you could be the next.  We’re continually taking cards to put up in the next contests so don’t be shy.  Bring in the card you’ve made that you’re not sure you’d like to share.  You just never know!  It’s not a panel of 3 judges that vote on these cards, it’s everyone that comes into the store.  If you like your card, then chances are that many others will too.        You’ve got nothing to lose   ( well, except the card ) entering the contest.  It’s free and you win a Gift Certificate of $25 if you win.  We display your card and once the contest is done, we sell your card and the proceeds of those cards go to our local schools for charity donations in their art programs.  It’s a great cause as it helps ensure the continuing art education.  

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