Encaustic Wax Neat ‘Nique

Supplies:Encaustic Wax Iron (travel iron will work) 

Wax Painting paper (Glossy will work)
3 colours of wax cubes

If you hold the iron in your writing hand,and melt the wax with the opposite hand, it makes it easier to apply the iron to the paper without having to switch in the middle. Holding the iron upside down and horizontal to the table to ensure a flat surface, melt the first colour of wax over the tip of the iron then add a “smoosh” of the second colour of wax.   

Add just a dab of the third colour (this is optional)press the tip of the iron to the paper and lift   continue around the entire page.  Without adding anymore wax, continue to press the tip of the iron into the wax on the page at varying heights, this will create instant dimension   

Add a photo, stamped or die-cut image and attach to a card base.   See how easy that was?  Go ahead, try it out and send us a picture of what you’ve done and we’ll post it on our blog.  This is a great new technique that is getting rave reviews and we’d love to get it going here at Cherish The Thought.  Send me those pics to madigin@shaw.ca and I’ll get them up.




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