Iris Folding

– This technique originated in Holland and is called Iris Folding because the center of the design resembles the iris of a camera or eye. Traditionally, origami paper is used for the main design and holographic paper is used to fill in the center of the design. For this demo we are using Seven Gypsies Scrapbook paper strips that are NOT folded in half along the length.  We did this for time issues, but I kind of like how the image created was not as bulky and will probably continue to create cards in this “simpler” manner.


template downloaded from the site 

paper strips ~ 5 each of 4 patterns measuring 4″ x 1″, 

card base and frame for the “Iris” 

 With the frame upside down on your template, tack it down over the Iris image with a small bit of tape (this keeps it from moving while you work and will be removed later)  I also lined up my piles of patterned strips and marked my “Pattern Guide” with the order in which  I would be using the strips.


Remove the backing off the strip of glue on the frame.  With the pattern facing down, take your first pattern and lay it over the section marked 5 (this pattern also had a roof to make it into a house, I eliminated that section so # 1-4 was not needed) making sure that the short ends of the strip of paper overlap the frame itself. 

Take another strip from your SECOND pattern pile and repeat the previous step but cover the #6.  Take a strip from your THIRD pile and cover #7, a strip from your FOURTH pile will cover #8.

 Now we start again with the first pile and that strip covers #9, and tack the edges down with scotch tape,continue with a strip from pile 2 and cover #10, etc etc until all your strips are taped down.

Remove the layered frame from your template and using scissors, cut off the excess paper


 Ink your edges of the frame and card base and stamp on your sentiment.

Attach your Framed Iris to the front of the card and you’re done! 

This pic is a close up of the iris.

Check out the website mentioned above for more Iris templates and idea’s.  I also want to mention an idea brought to me by a customer last year, instead of paper strips, use lengths of ribbon, SUPER Gorgeous!! (Thanks for the tip Cathie!)

Check out this site as well for more wonderful Iris Folding Templates.  You’ll just get hooked!

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