‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Projects

I hope you’re all get a handle on your Christmas shopping? No last minute trips to the mall this year, right? As for me, technically I haven’t started yet, which is a bit of a shock, since I’m usually picking up stuff all year long, but somehow, this year got away from me (I wonder why…?) and I haven’t really got any idea’s. I did go to a ***** party (oopsie I forgot, my mom and sister-in-law see this, so I can’t tell you what kind of party it was) last week (thanks for the invite Chriss !) and got some stuff, but it doesn’t really count as Christmas shopping if you haven’t had to fight over a parking space, elbow through the crowds and get totally inundated with terrible versions of traditional Christmas carols. We’ll have to take Ella to visit Santa, so maybe I’ll get some shopping done this week…

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Projects
I’m afraid that I have decided to scrap (no pun intended, tee hee) the 12 tags of Christmas, because I have a headful of neato projects that take less than an hour to do and are great little stocking stuffers and teacher gifts.

Here is a photo of the first 4, the mini back pack and mini Milk carton you may have already seen in the store, but I’ve added a mini CD Jewel case album (it measures 3” by 3.5”, it’s SOOOO cute) and a mini desk calendar. I’m also going to do the magnetic CD calendar that some of you saw at the Craft fair but my sample is at home.

You can drop in any day except Saturday, and complete any of the projects that you like, you get to pick and choose! All you need to bring is your cutter and adhesives and you’re good to go. Most of the projects are $5 but the mini album is $8 and includes a sheet of Fontwerks label stickers, that you get to keep.

Christmas Gift Wrapping
We are offering Free Gift Wrapping for any Cherished purchases this Christmas. I have chosen different patterns of Christmas paper, so you can have a Funky Pink Christmas, a traditional Christmas Tree Wrap, or a Sophisticated Gold Swirl.

Gift Certificates are also available in any denomination, and they all come with velvet flower embellishments for your Cherished Someone to keep.

Cherished Chums, because we don’t take addresses for all of you, we have your Christmas Cards here at the store, there’s a little treat inside for you, so be sure to pick yours up before the 24th… (for those of you who came and we had run out, I made more so we won’t run out again, I promise!)

See you soon!
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  1. Betty says:

    Love your store, so glad I got out there again, Finally! I sure enjoyed getting to know you better as well.

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