Hi there, Gwen here. As I’m writing this, it’s 31 degrees outside, my kids are half way through their swimming lessons, and it’s hard to think about “Back to School”. But that first day back will be here before we know it (groans from some, “yippees” from others, including me after my 3 have been squabling all day!). In our family, there are a few traditions that signal the coming of fall:

  1. buying those new school supplies,
  2. new “inside shoes” and runners,
  3. the girls’ annual “back to school” shopping trip with two of their best friends,
  4. haircuts

    …the list is scaring me already (just kiddin’). But this could be a good check list for great PHOTOS FOR A BACK TO SCHOOL LAYOUT. So spread out all those clean, un-wrinkled, crisp new school supplies on the floor and snap away. Bring your camera to the mall and get photos of your kids trying on some outfits – although be aware that some stores don’t permit photography 🙁 Some other ideas include:
  5. line those back-packs up and have each kids kneel behind, just faces peeking
  6. “before” and “after” hair cut
  7. room cleaning (my kids don’t get anything new until they’ve gone through all their drawers and tossed out everything that’s too small or not worn anymore)
  8. Get your child(ren) to write their name(s) & grade(s) on a piece of cardstock in crayon; either use the original or take a photo
  9. your school emblem/logo
  10. school crossing/traffic signs
  11. Don’t leave all the photography until that first day back…you’re gonna be busy enough getting out the door! But on that first day, be sure to get a “from behind” shot of your kids walking to school – hand in hand if they’ll cooperate (bribes can work!).

While I’m “here”, I also thought I’d offer a bit of explanation about my fall layout classes. In September, we will be doing a “Bits & Pieces of Summer” workshop…these photos can feature different “hi-lights” from your summer. October will feature those Back to School photos; November will be Halloween and December will be a “Thankful/Family” theme. The timing is “after the fact” in order to allow you plenty of time to get your photos organized (you know, you can print them off your digital camera here at the store!). Look for our Christmas layout in January!
For now, enjoy those lazy days of summer!
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