What a Store We Have for You!

As most of you already know, we will bend over backwards to show you what’s new and what’s in. Most stores will just tell you what a certain product does but not here at Cherish the Thought. If you have a question about a product that you’re not sure of and have a few extra minutes to hang around, we’ll be glad to pull out that point of interest and show you how it’s done. If we don’t suggest, please be sure to ask if you can see it done. Visuals are always better than verbal.

Jessie has always made it a point to let us know, as “Cherished Staff” we show you how it’s done. Where else can you find that kind of service? We’ve got the workshop so handy and we do love to play. We have samples around the store but it’s difficult to get all our products into a display item. We’re slowly getting around to getting more examples done but if you need to see how something works and there isn’t a sample yet, just give us a minute and I’m sure that we can show you how awesome that product is.
We’ve shown many of you our wonderful product called “Glimmer Mist”. There are so many beautiful colors and there are a few things that can be done with them.
And watercolors?… Joy came in today and asked a simple question about how to use watercolor markers and stamps to create such wonderful looks. It took about 15 minutes and Joy left amazed at what she herself was able to do with a little help from Jessie.
Embossing paste, Quickcutz, 3D flower punches, glitter, and Perfect pearls, are just a few more products that have a multitude of techniques.
I think we can make your experience at Cherish, one that you will remember. We’re not like the other stores, we’re different. We want you to feel at home, take your time to walk around, take everything in. We are here to help you if you need us. You’re the reason we’re here and we just want you to know that we appreciate your business.
Dianne 🙂
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