My first blog! (oh, yeh! and all about "ELEMENTS")

I was honoured when Jessie asked me to be on the Cherish design team. I’d heard of that phrase before, but didn’t really know much about it, except that all the projects I’ve seen done by other design teams have been fabulous! I’ve also never “blogged” before – so this is all very exciting for me.

Now, on with the topic of the day: ELEMENTS. When Jessie asked me to write about ELEMENTS, by Art Glitter, I had a momentary blank. Elements??? Oh yeah, the little jars by the door. Like most people (seemingly), I hadn’t paid much attention to these little jars filled with various “herb-looking” substances, so I hadn’t much of an idea of what to do with them. Then Jessie asked me to do something “boyish” – and my mind went “AH-HA!”. Some of these jars look like they’re filled suspiciously with dirt or sand – boys, dirt, sand….well, they automatically go together like, well, boys & dirt! (I have one of these creatures so I know – lol). The card below is embossed with Verdigris embossing powder, coloured with Adirondack Paint dabbers, Tombow markers and I used the Elements to really make the sand under the palm stand out. I also used Be Creative Tape as a border across the card to add more Elements for texture.

So, next time you’re in the store, check them out! And they don’t all look like dirt…some have bits of purple – looks like dried heather, which would make a fabulous background for stamped wild flowers. Others would make a fabulous corn or hay field, perfect for fall cards. And you don’t have to stop at cards. Add some ELEMENTS to any of your altered projects: chipboard book covers, boxes and picture frames. I found they have a better effect when glued to your project with a liquid-type glue, such as the Tombow Mono Aqua, which goes on clear and dries clear.

Now, the Elements are not Archival or Acid free, but if you spray with Sealant (we carry Krylon’s “Preserve It!” spray) then you can put into your scrapbook pages as well. See their website for more examples

See you at Cherish soon!
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  1. thebookersclub says:

    Wow, Gwen! Great job on those cards and congrats on your first blog post:) – Sonja.

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