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Hi Everyone,
Summer’s in full swing, Gwen’s on vacation, Dianne’s doing full day shifts, Laura’s working 2 jobs (!!), and I’m too hot and already looking forward to Fall. That’s my favorite season, the smell in the air reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner and oh, how I love Christmas!

Speaking of which, I’ve had more than a few inquiries about Xmas paper etc, and I’m afraid I’m caught a bit off guard! I’m the person who shops for Xmas scrapping stuff in November and can never find anything! Now I know why. Apparently July is the time to start getting this stuff in, so I’m afraid to say that though I have started to get a couple of stamps, I don’t have much else! I will start bringing some things in now though, but when you can’t find anything in November, you’ll know to come here (tee hee)!

Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday July 26
This week we’re focusing on Chalk – we’ll be doing a basic background (is anything ever really “basic” with me though?) and some embossed chalk techniques. I’ll also show the “faux Chalkboard” technique, but it may not make it onto the card – it’s a bit labor and time intensive

New in the Store
Well, we brought in a couple of new racks from Remember Me, which of course got me in the mood to move things around (don’t worry, Dianne, I went easy on my back, I promise!) and I found a few things stuffed in corners and piled on hooks that even I had forgotten were there, so it’s like a whole new store in here!

Laura also spent a lot of time stuffing our new “Bulk” section, all your favorite American Crafts Felt Flowers, Plastic Flowers, Chipboard, Fleece, etc is now available individually, ranging from 5 to 25 cents! I can’t wait to use these in some upcoming classes…!

Next Week’s Class
Whew these Mandala cards caused me a little stress! I was behind in my samples and you guys were signing up for this class “sight unseen” so I was a bit worried. I also stepped out of my colour “comfort zone” but I’m thrilled to say that these turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself! We will be doing 2 cards and an Xmas ornament using one Mandala stamp, Jewels, and Glimmer mist (a must, when we’re making ornaments!) Still a little bit of room left Sunday and Wednesday morning if you’re interested, but the Wednesday evening class is sold out!

Quickutz Club – this Friday the 25th @ 6:30
I want you all to cross your fingers for me that the Quickutz order shows up this week because I have the most fun card planned for this Friday! Due to confusion with the new guy at Quickutz, I’m slightly off their “Club” order dates, but I didn’t really like the club die they had this month anyway (you know how I like to have images that you can use more than once) so I ordered the “soaring bird” for your kits, and I want to show you how to do a Spinner Card – and with the bird, it will be SOO cute! This die is very similar to the Martha Stewart punch some of you were inquiring about, so I hope it works.

This is a photo of the Chipboard “Beach” mini book that we will be doing as a class during the first week of August, It’s not on the calendar yet, but it will be soon. It’s way cuter in person!
I think that’s it for this week,
Spread the Sparkle,
Adhere with Abandon,
And find a little clean spot in your craft room for a half hour of “playtime”
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