Cherished Chat

Happy Summer!

I’ve been told it’s really hot and sticky out there, I’ll take your word for it, as I’ve been languishing about the store, resting my back and coming up with neat new projects to share with you!

Funnily enough, you’ve been bringing in neat stuff to show me! I can’t wait for April to teach me a new card she made, it’s absolutely awesome, and I’ve never seen anything like it! But I promised I’d let her keep her secret from me for the time being! She’s going to be at the Coquitlam craft fair this year, so I know her cards will be a big hit there! And Chris, not only showed me a card that she learned over at my “Soul-Mates” store “Be Creative”, she let me keep a sample so I could play! The medium sized mini suitcase album that Yvonne brought in was stunning and sent me off to Photo Express to see if they had any more of Quickutz discontinued “Katie” alpha still in stock, (sadly they didn’t). Phew, you’ve all been busy, and I love to see what you come up with, so keep bringing stuff in (I won’t swipe idea’s, but I cherish the inspiration you give me!)

Neat ‘Nique ~ Saturday July 19
This past one was BUSY, so I either have to make them easier, or extend the time longer, again! This week’s is Alcohol Inks, and although the sample is still in my head (one of these days I’ll be a week ahead, but the shock of that day may crash your computer!) I think it’s going to be cool! I want to use Maya Road Acrylic shapes, as well as teach you the Polished Stone effect, so the card should be really…well, “Neat” !

New in the Store
Thanks to Tammy’s mom, who was visiting from Ontario, I discovered that Peel-Off Stickers have an organizational case! I ordered them asap, and they arrived this morning. $10 for a filofax kind of thing that holds all those loose Peel-Offs you have lying around (and you know you have them…) Now if they can make something to hold all the OTHER stuff I have lying around!

Next Week’s Class
Our favorite Guest instructor Sonja is back (I know, she’s our only one, but she can still be our favorite!) and she’s teaching us a chipboard mini album titled “Hugs” She’s also using Hambly overlays, which I am hoping to have more of in stock in the future. If you haven’t had a chance to see this sample in person, you should stop in, as the photo doesn’t do it justice! I’ve signed up for the class myself!

Ella Update
Her latest “cute” thing is to rub the closed lid of the sunscreen bottle, and then rub her legs, she does it very methodically although with the bottle closed it’s not like she’s spreading any lotion, oh well, at least she know what it’s for! (and for those of you who knew about our recent blood tests and doctor’s appts, we had our last follow up visit today and she’s perfectly healthy so no worries, phew!) This is a pic of her having a lengthy conversation with herself, don’t know who she gets her “gift of gab” from!
I’m sure there’s more, but you shouldn’t be inside reading some long winded blog, you should be out on the deck with a Bellini! (Gwen’s got a recipe that’s even better then Milestones! Maybe it will make it onto a future blog…hint, hint!)
I’m trying to get my act together to have a tutorial on this Friday’s Blog, stay tuned…

Spread the Sparkle,
Adhere with Abandon,
And enjoy the Sunshine while it’s here!

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  1. thebookersclub says:

    That photo of Ellas is adorable! *LOL* What a cutie!

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