Heartfelt Thank you

Two posts in one morning, you may think I’m crazy, but I wanted this message to stand out, as it is very important to me that you see it.

When Andrew and I decided to open Cherish, we were so grateful to our friends and family who were so supportive of our efforts and helped at every turn. We are still, but this message is for someone else.

This Heartfelt Thank You is for all the “strangers” who have embraced us and helped to spread the word that we are here. I keep getting asked whether there has been anything that we found hard or surprising in opening the store, and my response is always the same. I am completely overwhelmed with how incredibly wonderful all our customers are. I knew that it would be word of mouth that would ultimately let people know that we were here, and although I am often told I have a big mouth (ha ha) I did assume it would be mine spreading the word, but within days, you came in and asked if you could take a few cards to a crop you were attending, a card class you were going to, a club meeting, and all of a sudden it wasn’t just me and Andrew, Gwen and Dianne, it was all of you. I want to list your names here, but should I leave off even one, I would be devastated because I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and my family, so I have to say that you know who you are, as I may have already thanked you at the store, or I will when I see you next. I said in my first blog that it takes a village to raise this Cherished baby of mine, but I’m ever so glad that my village has grown so large with all my new found friends.

From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Jessie, Andrew and Ella (who finally learned how to blow kisses, and is sending you one right now!)

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5 Responses to Heartfelt Thank you

  1. Joe says:

    Oh Jessie, you are so dear. Those words hit deep and those who read it will so appreciate the time you took to write them down. People can tell what kind of person you are and will definitely return if only to spend time with you.


  2. Kathleen says:

    Jessie you have a wonderful store and all its contents including you and your staff are beautiful! You will have much success…I’m sure I alone helped your first months rent. hee hee

  3. Tine says:

    Congratulations again!! I’ll stop by this weekend finally…mother’s day is getting closer 😉

    Keep up the wonderful work and energy, enthusiasm and passion! Such a wonderful gift you have!!

  4. Shelley says:

    Thanks for having us in tonight Jessie, it was fun putting the book together in an hour!

    I have added you to my favourite blogs. Keep us posted!

    Have fun celebrating Ella’s birthday, 1st ones are the best.


  5. thebookersclub says:

    You know how you meet someone and you feel like you’ve been friends forever? That’s how I felt when I met you, Jessie…but I suspect lots of people feel your warmth and energy. You have a lovely place and I know I’ll be spending lots of time there! Thanks for taking the time to show me around the store and play in the workshop!

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