Congratulations Gwen!

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry for the delay, I could say that I was trying to add to the suspense, but truly it was just that time and the internet weren’t on my side 🙁

So, my big announcement is… (this is where you would hear the drumroll) Gwen’s Paper Bag project has been published on the gallery of our favorite paper vendor Piggy Tales!! If you log onto to and click on the “Gallery”, you will see a list on the left hand side of all their paper lines. Click on Little Miss Muffet, and scroll down to the bottom and there she is, our wonderfully talented Gwen. I wanted to post the photo here as well, but with the internet down at home this morning, and the photo is on that computer and not this one…Well, you can see how technology and I have not been getting along lately!

However, Congratulations to Gwen, and when you see her in the store, let her know how great we think she is 🙂

as I’m still looking for a sign off, I’ll borrow my favorite again,

Spread the Sparkle,


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