Catching Up…

Phew! How does 3 weeks go by so fast? I’m afraid my blog has fallen by the wayside, so this morning, while Ella’s still asleep,I’m catching up!First, Happy Belated Birthday to Paige, we had an awesome time with all of your friends, and your giant Paperclips turned out phenomenal!

Second, how fun was the Pro D day last week? (whoops 2 weeks ago, I’m REALLY behind) I was so impressed with Lindsey (12) and Caelin (10 in 6 days) teaching the classes, I’ve asked them to do some more so my fingers are crossed…

And third, We had an Un-birthday in the store on Saturday the 19th with Taylor and all her friends, where I taught a simpler version of Lindsey’s Layout (She was a tough act to follow!) and we had a blast, glittered butterflies everywhere!
A very special thank you to Gloria (Taylor’s mum), who has been very supportive of our parties, we’re re-vamping some of the website as per your suggestions, and I’ll get my birthday flyer out asap 🙂 I promise!So now that we’re all caught up…CONGRATULATIONS to Faith, our first Survivor Port Moody winner, your gift certificate is waiting at the store for you, and for everyone else, the next 6 cards are on display and waiting for your vote, who will be the next Sole Survivor…
Paste with passion,

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