Iron Scrapper

Well, we had our first Iron Scrapper Challenge on Saturday with Edna, Carollyne, Marcie, Jackie, and Allison, and although they tell me the pressure of making the ultimate card in half an hour was huge, they were all so very civilized!
Somehow, I pictured contestants fighting over aquapainters, and glitter flying through the air, but maybe I’m just seeing Ella’s future birthday parties! We had 2 winners, this time, I did beg for a “scrap-off” but the look on Edna and Carollyne’s face when I suggested we do it again, was enough to make me change my mind!
So congratulations to Edna and Carollyne who both created cards using enough techniques to score them 115 points, and win themselves a $25 Cherished Cheque. They will hold the title of Ultimate Iron Scrapper until our next competition…

Also, a huge Happy Birthday to Meghan, who celebrates her 12th birthday today, but had an awesome party with us yesterday! A special birthday hug and thank you to Meghan, and all her friends who impressed me with their manners, energy and interesting conversations! (It’s been awhile since I was 12, but I don’t think I was ever that insightful)
And finally, Thank you to those of you who were in this week and cast your vote for your favorite “Survivor Port Moody” card, we’re down one Survivor and have 5 more to go, so stop in and vote again to ensure your Survivor makes it to the end. I have started collecting cards for “Survivor Port Moody 2”, and the goal – Outstamp, Outcraft, Outlast…
see you soon,
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