Cherished Beginnings…

I had an idea, over 6 months ago, to open a scrapbooking shop in Port Moody. The store took shape in my head slowly, but became clearer as the days went by. On January 2nd, it took on a legal name, Cherish the Thought. 2 weeks later she had a home, 3130 St John’s street. A month after that, she had colour, she had structure, and she had some embellishments!

I look around now, and although we haven’t finished fine-tuning, I am amazed at what she has become. She doesn’t look exactly like the store I envisioned, and a part of me misses that, like after Ella was born, and I found myself talking to my tummy and realizing she wasn’t in there anymore, but Cherish is as beautiful as I could ever have hoped for.

The journey to this point has been smooth in some places, rocky in others and downright treacherous as times! But as with any path you choose, there are always people along the way to help, and I must take a few lines to thank those that came to my rescue. Andrew, of course, who believed in my idea and never wavered even when I did. My mom, who checked the stars and knew all along that this was going to come together. To Tony, Pauline and Katie, for late night construction, long days babysitting, birthdays celebrated in the store, and Ella’s flu.

Special thanks to Faith and Nick, who opened their address book to me, and worked on pdf’s etc halway around the world! To Kelly, my WebGoddess who nagged me into the perfect website. To Lynn & Cody, who were able to take a line drawing I loved and make it even more beautiful. To Joanne & Ken, who made my pretty lady a sign so people would know who we were (I have never been so happy to see the word “scrapbooking” up in lights in my life!)

And I had to leave Gwen for last so I could give her the appreciation she deserves. From helping me pick products to pricing stock, to inviting all her friends to my opening, to keeping me from going insane when Ella went to the Emergency room, to just making me laugh when I needed to, and most of all, for introducing me to this wonderful craft in the first place, I’m so grateful that you are my friend!

I know this sounds like an Oscar speech, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few people, but I can’t continue, or no one will ever log onto this blog again!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, the same goes for this little baby, it took all of my friends to help put it together, and it will take all of you to help her grow into something we can all Cherish.

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  1. April says:

    Well I came into the store and was totally impressed. First of all, was made to feel so comfortable and did feel so welcome. I loved that we were shown how different products worked. The enthusiasm of Jessie was contagious. I spent and registered for a class and I can tell you, that probably all my extra money, will be spent there. I know the store will be a roaring success. It can’t fail, with your enthusiasm. Thanks for a great place to shop.

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