UFO’s found…finished…Fabulous!

So in the midst of trying to get my room organized, I found LOTS of UFO’s…what is a UFO you ask?  Well, it’s an Un-Finished Object!


This Vinyl Die-cut Quote was something I bought at Treasured Memories in Belleview , in …ummm…2007?  (This Treasured Memories went out of business in 2010)  The frame was purchased from…can’t recall…in 2009…maybe?

And I bought the snowflake paper from Country Lane Scrapbooking  in 2014…with EVERY intention of getting this project completed for Christmas 2014…but now it’s August 2015, and it still wasn’t finished!  Yikes!

So, now was the time!  I took a break from organizing my room, and added SookWang Tape to the inner ridge in the frame that holds the glass in place.


I inserted the Snowflake paper into the frame, making sure it was straight, ’cause once that “Sook” is stuck, it’s STUCK!  Then I removed the protective cover from the Vinyl and placed it onto the front of the glass…


After burnishing the transfer tape, to ensure that the vinyl had transferred to the glass, I gently peeled it back to finally see my “now Vintage” vinyl quote…I peeled from different sides and angles as some of my letters had trouble sticking…I guess that’s a sign I should have done his project sooner!

IMG_2405There it is, Finished & Fabulous!  And it only took about 15 minutes from start to finish!  Hmmm, what other UFO’s can I find in my Craft Room…



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Part One…ummm, WHY did we start this!?

I spent the week packing up everything on and around my desk… as well as everything on, around, under, beside and IN my cutting table (aka the old Cherish the Thought Cash Desk)…


So THAT’S what the desk looks like!

This beautiful desk came to me from a friend of mine back in 2009 and it was in the store until we moved to the location on Schoolhouse and couldn’t get this 120lb oak desk up the stairs!  We barely got it into my craft room…in fact, to be honest, I had to recruit my neighbour to help Andrew get it up into the room as I was completely useless when it came to lifting it!

Though I totally forgot to take a picture of my empty “cash desk”, I did remember to snatch up my camera to capture my Fabulous Husband taking apart my “cutting table”…

step 1 remove wooden top…step 2 cut in half… step 3 make it look decent…

cutting the  "Cash Desk" in half...

cutting the
“Cash Desk” in half…

He even carefully saved every teeny bit of the lovely panelling so we could put it back on after the transformation…

That's a knife that Andrew made himself!  It came in REALLY handy!

That’s a knife that Andrew made himself! It came in REALLY handy!

So…WHERE did all my “stuff” go….

The Hallway…


Ella’s room…

Ella's Room

The bathroom counter…oops, didn’t take a picture of that!

and onto Our Bed!

Basically, ANYWHERE I could put it and still be able to walk around….

Part 1 of our plan was simply to get the cutting table and desk into position…with these two large pieces in place, we could “work around” them getting everything else sorted out later…

But of course, as with most “Best Laid Plans”, we ran into a few issues…all the pieces of furniture in the room are butted up against each other…Andrew even made a comment that I used “Every Nook & Cranny” to store my supplies!  So…when we thought we could just put the cutting table in place and position my 13″ x 13″ Cardstock storage boxes around them and be done…well, some of the boxes were crammed with UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) and so I  figured I had better sort through these projects and decide which ones I was ACTUALLY going to finish, and which ones could have their paper pieces donated to Ella’s school…

Cardstock, Cardstock and more ummm, unfinished projects yikes!

Cardstock, Cardstock and more ummm, unfinished projects yikes!

Once I went through all of THAT, we were able to get the desk into position under the window!  Whew!


But then I noticed a problem…My Vintage Drawer Cabinet was now “stuck” in the corner…In order to move it, (because i wanted it in the opposite corner of course!) we would have to remove the drawers (Obviously!  Because they are full of all my glitter, Glimmer Mists, embossing pastes, fabric, mini alpha stamps, ziploc bags, Distress stains, Walnut Inks, and Pearl Powders!) but now the drawers are jammed up against the side of the desk!

Time to move the cabinet before we get too far “in”… But first to clear off the top of the cabinet!  This is where I stored all my Bigz Dies…I want to put them on the shelf over my “new” cutting table…but that’s where I have some MORE UFO’s…so it’s time to sort those too…


I think you may be starting to see the issue…

10 hours later with only 2 short breaks for lunch and dinner…almost everything was out of the hallway (and Ella’s room, and my bed, and the bathroom), and “sort of” in place…


Phew, now to cut kits for Tomorrow’s class!


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Shhhh…don’t tell….

Okay, so by now some of you may have realized that as much as I try to be an organized person, as much as I like things “in their place”, I struggle to keep it all together…

And now I’m going to unveil my hidden “secret”….my Craft Room…


My Craft Desk…though to be honest, I haven’t used it in months, I’ve been designing on my cutting table!

I’ve been wanting to get it organized, and blog about the tips and tricks I’ve learned from all of YOU over the years, but I kept putting it off until I had “cleaned” my room enough so that it was suitable for pictures…

But honestly, this room won’t ever be suitable for pictures!  So I’m trying a new tact…embarrassment!


Design Area…Viva Decor Fabulousness and Sprays!

If I show you how bad it looks after I’ve cut kits for an 8 person class, and BEFORE I’ve put stuff away properly, then maybe it will push me into getting this “re-do my room” project finished!

When we closed the retail shop, products I “LOVED” came home with me.  Whether I had any intention of using them or not, they were stuffed haphazardly into my 9′ x 10′ spare bedroom.  (bedroom!?  there’s NO room for a bed in here!)


Ribbon! The Lace didn’t fit in the picture!

And when we had people over, THIS is the room we shoved everything into and tried to close the door (I stress the word tried…as we can’t close the door with THIS organizer hanging off it!)


Travel Organizer for Make-Up…used for punches, favorite embellishments and Tag samples…

If you look closely, you can see that I made several “attempts” at organization…but when I stumbled onto Mamie Jane’s Blog last week, I realized that my “Craft Room” did not represent my True Passions.

That my clutter was actually stifling the artist inside my head, and that I NEEDED to find her again!

After all…How did I go from THIS…

blog 001

Cherish the Thought circa 2008


Hurley Craft Room circa July 2015

Hurley Craft Room circa July 2015 Stamps. Stamps, and Stencils…

This Vintage girl NEEDS to be re-inspired, so over the next few months, my fabulously wonderful husband is going to help me get the “Hurley Studio” in order…and we will use this blog to track our progress…it could be slow going as I still have classes to design and prep for, but I promise to take pictures along  the way to hopefully inspire you to organize some of YOUR card-making stash…so please leave comments as we go along if you’ve used any of the idea’s…

Cutting Area (Guillotine covered by 12 x 12 Plastic stencils...

Cutting Area (Guillotine covered by 12 x 12 Plastic stencils…)

Here are my Goals for the Studio…

1.  Paint the walls Sage Green…my favorite colour at the moment!

2.  Replace store bought organizers with vintage inspired pieces that speak to my soul.

3.  Display my favorite projects and favorite vintage collections.

4.  Create a space that inspires me, and is still “work-in-able”…(you may have heard me lament about various magazine articles that PROMISE to get you organized, but when you look at the pictures, they have 5 sheets of paper and 4 bottles of paint, REALLY!?! WHO crafts like that? )

Cardstock, Cardstock and more ummm, unfinished projects yikes!

Cardstock, Cardstock and more ummm, unfinished projects yikes!

So, with this first part written, I’m off to my room to pack up some boxes and make some space to start moving some furniture!  Wish me luck!

Scatter Joy!


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Thursday “Spray Techniques” at Making Memories

This Thursday I’m teaching “Colour Spray” Techniques at Making Memories on Hastings…If you’ve wanted to find out how to use your sprays in different ways, Join me!

Contact Making Memories for more information…


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New Technique tag classes added!

I’m pretty excited to announce 2 new editions to my roster of Technique Tag Classes…

Colour Sprays

We will be playing with Lindy’s, Dylusions, Distress Sprays, stamps, stencils, etc, be prepared to get your hands dirty!






Master several techniques using Dies and Die-Cuts, we will play with Memory Box, Penny Black, Tonic, Spellbinders, Sizzix, Impression Obsession and more!




Check out the “Upcoming Classes” section to see when and where these classes have been scheduled!  But stay tuned, more dates will be added as excitement for these techniques grow!

Did You Know…?

I do not duplicate techniques between Tag classes…You are guaranteed to learn something different with every tag.  Although some techniques may be similar, I will throw in something new or different to get you thinking outside the box!

And although you may already know some of the techniques I introduce in class, the comments made so far have been that “it’s nice to have a refresher”, or “I like having the techniques together in a small package that I can look through for inspiration when I need it.”  So join the fun, be inspired, and get creating!

Scatter Joy!


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